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MEXICO MANGO MAFIA : Why It's Time To Give Acapulco Another Chance

24 January 2014

By Tom Parker Bowles

In the middle of the 20th century, Acapulco was the world’s most glamorous getaway, a sybaritic holiday resort that became synonymous with sex, celebrity and stardust. 

Now a prominent victim of Mexico’s vicious narco wars, the city is one of the most violent places on Earth. 

So it’s a perfect time to visit, according to Esquire’s globetrotting gourmand.

The sea snake was as long as my arm, and about as thick, its head buried deep into the sand. 

With a flat, paddle-shaped tail and broad orange stripes, the sinuous beast would have been beguiling, beautiful even, were it not for the fact it was writhing no more than an inch from my corpse-white foot. 

I hadn’t planned on getting so close. 

Despite the fact that the vast majority of their species are elusive, that doesn’t stop them packing some of the deadliest venom on Earth.

So, here I was in Acapulco, said to be among the most dangerous cities on Earth. 

And this chance encounter with a sea snake, in the …

What does the future hold for California's Central Valley & Sustainable Farming???

Everyone Eats There

California’s Central Valley is our greatest food resource. So why are we treating it so badly?


Published October 10, 2012 

I left Los Angeles at 4 in the morning, long before first light, and made it to Bakersfield — the land of oil derricks, lowriders and truck stops with Punjabi food — by 6. 

Ten minutes later, I was in the land of carrots.

You know that huge pile of cello-wrapped carrots in your supermarket? 

Now imagine that the pile filled the entire supermarket. That’s how many carrots I saw upon my arrival at Bolthouse Farms.

 Something like 50 industrial trucks were filled to the top with carrots, all ready for processing. Bolthouse, along with another large producer, supplies an estimated 85 percent of the carrots eaten by Americans. 

There are many ways to put this in perspective, and they’re all pretty mind-blowing: Bolthouse processes six million pounds of carrots a day. 

If you took its yield from one week and stacked each carrot from end to end,…