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Global-Warming Slowdown Due to Pacific Winds, Study Shows

By Alex Morales 

 Feb 9, 2014 4:01 PM PT

Stronger Pacific Ocean winds may help explain the slowdown in the rate of global warming since the turn of the century, scientists said.

More powerful winds in the past 20 years may be forcing warmer seas deeper and bringing cooler water to the surface, 10 researchers from the U.S. and Australia said yesterday in the journal Nature

That has cooled the average global temperature by as much as 0.2 degree Celsius (0.36 Fahrenheit) since 2001.

Scientists have been trying to find out why the rate of global warming has eased in the past 20 years while greenhouse-gas emissions have surged to a record.

 Yesterday’s paper elaborates on a theory that deep seas are absorbing more warmth by explaining how that heat could be getting there.

“The net effect of these anomalous winds is a cooling in the 2012 global average surface air temperature of 0.1–0.2 degree Celsius, which can account for much of the hiatus in surface warming observed since 2001,” the resear…


A TRIBUTE TO THE HUMAN SPIRIT : How An Israeli Stranger Helped An Ethiopian Girl Escape Prostitution

Photo by Ishay Hadas

Itay Hod


Sofiya Nigatu was working in a remote Ethiopian brothel when a traveler’s act of kindness helped transform her future.

If kindness were a religion, Ishay Hadas would be its pope.

Back in 2004, Hadas, a 58 year-old advertising producer from Israel, was traveling through Ethiopia when he stumbled upon a young girl by the name of Sofiya Nigatu.

 She was 19 at the time, working as a waitress at a sketchy makeshift bar in a small mining town 460 miles north of Addis Ababa.

An orphan, Sofiya had dropped out of high school to support herself. She had only been at the bar for two weeks when Hadas walked in. The place was no more than a tent with a few chairs and tables. It also doubled as the local brothel.

Hadas, whose archeological expedition camped at that small tiny town for the night, decided to check out the only bar in the area. 

That’s when he noticed Sofiya. There was something about the young girl that touched his heart.

“She looked so out of p…

UTOPIA ??? : Swiss to vote on incomes for all - working or not

By Imogen Foulkes

BBC News, Bern

If you're Swiss, a regular share of this cash could soon be yours

Switzerland, one of the world's wealthiest countries, is engaged in an intense process of soul searching - about money.

This year alone there have been two nationwide referendums on executive pay, one of which approved strict limits on bonuses and banned golden handshakes.

Now two more votes are on the way, the first on the introduction of a minimum wage, and the second, and most controversial, on a guaranteed basic income for all legal residents, whether they work or not.

A universal basic income sounds very radical, but it is not a new idea - Thomas More proposed it in his work Utopia in the 16th Century.

On the left, universal basic income is thought to be fairer, while on the right it is seen as the policy that would make welfare payments obsolete.

“There will be no incentive for young people to learn a job or study”
Rudolf Strahm Swiss economist

For Enno Schmidt, a key supporter of u…

20 Restaurants With Breathtaking Views Of The World


FEB. 4, 2014, 3:19 PM 

Myosotismail, Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes a fantastic dining experience isn't just about the food. Sometimes the beauty you can see right outside your window matters just as much.

Inspired by this Quora thread on the restaurantswith the best views in the world, we've created our own list of eateries with incredible sights to offer.

From cafes perched in the sky to gourmet eateries only accessible by boat, these places are sure to satisfy more than just your stomach.

Perched 1,151 feet above Toronto at the top of the CN Tower, the revolving 360 Restaurant offers fresh cuisine and a constantly changing city view.

puroticorico, Flickr

Watch fishing boats go by as the sun sets at the Rock Bar at Bali's Ayana Resort and Spa.

Simon_sees, Flickr

Enjoy some traditional Hawaiian food with a view at the Canoe House at the Big Island's Mauna Lani Hotel.

trockmckaskle, Flickr

Take in views of stunning Lake Como from the restaurant at the Hotel Metropol…

War-Scarred Ivory Coast Is Re-Emerging As West Africa's Investment Hotspot


More: Reuters



Ivory Coast's President Alassane Ouattara (L) talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the presidential palace in Abidjan January 10, 2014.

ABIDJAN (Reuters) - Ivory Coast is re-emerging as the prime investment destination in French-speaking West Africa after a decade of political turmoil but President Alassane Ouattara must weed out corruption and promote reconciliation to keep cash flowing in.

Long considered the jewel in the crown of France's former West African territories, a 1999 coup destroyed the reputation of Ivory Coast - the world's largest cocoa producer - as an island of stability in a troubled region.

A bloody presidential election in 2000 and a rebellion two years later triggered an exodus of capital that undid decades of development, dubbed the Ivorian Miracle.

With peace finally restored, French construction firm Bouyges , oil companies such as Tullow  and Lukoil , an…