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What is a “Gocho”, and why are they laughing at Maduro? / ¿Qué es un “Gocho”, y por qué se están riendo Maduro?

Posted on February 21, 2014

by johneastborough

UPDATE 02/21 8:02 PM: This post has broken the “all-time best” record by 8X! Over 14,000 Facebook shares (thank you!), 470+ Twitter posts, a sub/r/eddit, and a new WordPress Dashboard tag (what-is-a-gocho). Many people have sent in their thanks and much more material. Thank you all for the extra info, explanations, in-depth notes, and your compliments! I’ve started a Facebook page for the blog – please feel free to post photos & comments & notes at - or E-mail me:! (Note: Twitter posts will be auto-credited, since they’re already public. If you want to remain anonymous, send me E-mail – I will not reveal your name, unless you tell me it’s OK).

Este post ha batido el récord “de todos los tiempos mejores” por 8X ! Más de 14 mil acciones de Facebook (¡gracias!) , 470 mensajes+ Twitter, un sub/r/eddit, y una nueva etiqueta WordPress Dashboard (what-is -a- gocho). Mucha…


MEXICO MANGO MAFIA : Sinaloa drug chief arrested

By Associated Press, Updated: Saturday, February 22, 9:36 AM

 MEXICO CITY — The head of Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel who was the world’s most powerful drug lord was captured overnight by U.S. and Mexican authorities at a hotel in Mazatlan, Mexico, The Associated Press had learned, ending a bloody decades-long career that terrorized swaths of the country.

A senior U.S. law enforcement official said Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was taken alive overnight by Mexican marines in the beach resort town. The official was not authorized to discuss the arrest and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Guzman, 56, was found with an unidentified woman. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Marshals Service were “heavily involved” in the capture, the official said. No shots were fired.

Guzman faces multiple federal drug trafficking indictments in the U.S. and is on the DEA’s most-wanted list. His drug empire stretches throughout North America and reaches as far away as Europe and Australia. His cartel h…

Cheap Gasoline: Why Venezuela Is Doomed To Collapse


2/20/2014 @ 5:18PM 

Riots in the streets. Killings of protesters. Shortages of consumer staples like toilet paper and flour. Power outages. Confiscations of private property. Capital flight. Inflation running at more than 50%. The highest murder rate in the world.

The situation in Venezuela has grown so terrible that we could very well be witnessing the waning days of the Chavez-Maduro regime.

But don’t hold your breath. Despots propped up by revenues from natural resources have had a surprisingly robust track record over the past 100 years. Saddam Hussein survived through ruthlessness and handouts to Baath party loyalists. Khadafi perfected the same model in Libya. The Saudis and other Gulf sultanates and emirates have survived by paying off tribe members. Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe is still around thanks to his trade in blood diamonds.

In each case, the big boss keeps his head by paying off everyone who matters.

 Hugo Chavez appeared to have the same kind of staying power. But with …


22 de febrero de 2014

 Bendición Coronel,

 Desde hace un poco mas de 15 años nuestra comunicación como familia ha ido mermando y hoy decidí enviarte este mensaje a través de estas líneas para expresarte mi más profunda preocupación, no solo por la ruptura que existe hoy en día en nuestra familia y muchas otras familias de militares venezolanos, sino a su vez por el difícil momento que atraviesa nuestra bella Venezuela.

 Crecí como muchos de los hijos de tus compañeros de armas, teniendo gran respeto y admiración por nuestras fuerzas armadas y en especial por el ejército, la casa que te formó no solo como gran soldado, líder y padre ejemplar, sino también como aquel gran hombre que a diario defendió los intereses y la soberanía de nuestro país, Venezuela.

 Tu disciplina, profesionalismo y gran amor por tu tropa, siempre me hicieron tener gran admiración por ti. Las historias que me contaban tus compañeros, sobre tu ejemplar carrera en la Academia Militar de Venezuela y luego en tus primero…

U.K. Warns of Shipping Containers Lurking in English Channel

By On February 21, 2014 <font size="5"></font>
Image: AP Moller-Maersk

The U.K. Maritime and Coast Guard Agency is warning mariners to keep a close watch for shipping containers floating in the English Channel after hundreds of boxes fell from the deck of a Maersk cargo ship last week.

An update Friday from the MCA has requested members of the public and ships to report any containers seen floating in or near the English Channel after the containership Svendborg Maersk ran into some nasty weather -as in 60 knot winds and 10 meter waves nasty- as it crossed the northern stretches of the Bay of Biscay.

Earlier this week, Maersk Line said that as many as 520 containers had been lost from the deck of the ship as she sailed through the Bay of Biscay on her way to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Maersk Line noted that that 85 percent of the containers were empty and that none of the filled containers carried hazardous materials.

The MCA says that it believes that most of the…