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TAMPA'S MASTER CHEF WILL CATER IPO Global Pineapple Conference (Tampa Bay) Attendees

IPO Global Pineapple Conference attendees are in for a special treat. 

The City's finest Caterer will prepare lunch for the event.


The greatest place to eat in Tampa...

I met a new friend last year. His name is Robert Kim Bailey. He likes to be called Kim but he's very pleasant and answers to just about everything. 

He's the master of all master chefs and runs what used to be the best kept secret in town, Bailey's Catering and Restaurant in Hyde Park.

Seldom if ever have I looked forward to going to a restaurant every week but his place has become addictive. He closed four weeks over the holidays and I just about went mad. I've also gotten used to his weekly emails featuring his upcoming menu.

His food is simple yet elegant; delicious and nourishing; excellent tasting with a wide appeal. Kim, whose main gig is catering and he stays very busy with that, is only open for dinner nine hours a week. Yep, Tues…

INDIA : Mango growers stare at a bitter harvest

Erratic climate damages crop, could lead to 40% drop in yield from major growing regions

Vimukt Dave, Hrishikesh Joshi, Siddharth Kalhans & N Madhav | Rajkot/Pune/Lucknow/Hyderabad
March 17, 2014 Last Updated at 00:57 IST

Mango growers are staring at a bitter harvest this year, due to crop damage after the recent bout of unseasonal weather.

 An erratic climate has damaged the crop, in various stages of maturity across the country, and some estimates suggest a fall of up to 40 per cent in yield from major mango-producing regions.

Exporters also fear the crops salvaged might not be acceptable to foreign buyers, due to quality issues.

The damage has been across five states — Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat and Maharashtra. 

These together account for two-thirds of the country’s total mango production, according to the National Horticulture Board.

Production could see a drop from 1,800 million pieces in 2012-13, according to reports from across the country.

The crop in UP and…


06/03/2014 by 
Protesters fight against the police, there are people dead: In Venezuela, protests are escalating like in the Ukraine. 

The German Heinz Dieterich was an advisor to the deceased leader Hugo Chávez – for him, president Maduro’s days are numbered.

An interview by Klaus Ehringfeld. 
Der Spiegel Online. 03-03-2014.

The person Seventy-one year old German sociologist Heinz Dieterich is a university professor in Mexico, and sort of the ideological chief of the Latin-American left party. He advised the deceased president Hugo Chávez for many years in regards to political and ideological affairs. He coined the phrase “Socialism of the XXI century.”

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Mr. Dieterich, it looks like what is happening in Venezuela is the same thing happening in the Ukraine… Dieterich: In almost all aspects, the scenario is similar to the situation in the Ukraine.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Where exactly do the problems coincide?