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China: Mango prices soaring, pear trailing behind


Mangoes have gone up to 20 yuan per 500g, and have become fruit for the rich, According to a trader in Binglang, mangoes from Hainan are like gold, selling for 20 yuan per 500g. Changming Zhang from Zhongpu Fruit Wholesaler Market agrees, "Hainan Da Tai Nong mangoes, now cost 8 yuan per 500g wholesale, last year at this time was only 4 yuan."

The province's mango season is from May to August, while Hainan’s mango production is early, they begin to sell around February and March, but due to last year’s typhoon, a lot of Hainan mango trees were destroyed or damaged causing low fruit production, meaning prices are greatly affected this year.

At present, the main mango varieties on the Xiamen fruit market are: Yao Mango, Small Tai Nong Mango, Jinyu Mango, Kaite and Gold Emperor Mango. Yesterday, their prices at RT Mart (Darunfa) were: 13.8 yuan , 14.8 yuan , 15.8 yuan , 16.8 yuan and 19.8 yuan, per 500g.

Foreign mangoes which previously dominated the market, such as Honey…


Here Are The Major Differences Between Successful And Unsuccessful People


MAR. 24, 2014, 4:22 PM 

A few weeks ago, Dave Kerpen, author and chief executive of Likeable Local, received a postcard that illustrated the traits and behaviors of successful and unsuccessful people. 

The card came from fellow Entrepreneurs Organization member Andy Bailey, the chief executive of Petra Coach. 

Although the two CEOs have never met, Kerpen said in a recent LinkedIn post that the postcard has had a profound effect on him, “reinforcing values I believe in and reminding me on a daily basis of the attitudes and habits that I know I need to embrace in order to become successful.”

The postcard points out 16 big differences between successful and unsuccessful people. 

Courtesy of Dave Kerpen

Here are our favorites:

1. Successful people embrace change. Unsuccessful people fear it. “Embracing change is one of the hardest things a person can do,” Kerpen says. With the world moving fast and technology…