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NARCO ESTADO : Cuentas bancarias vinculadas a Rafael Ramírez fueron congeladas en Suiza

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Febrero 17, 2014

Una investigación federal en curso reveló que el banco suizo UBS en Suiza, habría congelado 442 cuentas de altos funcionarios de PDVSA, vinculados a Rafael Ramírez, quienes no justificaron ingresos por montos significativos en sus respectivas cuentas.

De acuerdo a RunRunes, la “supuesta” congelación de 7.000 millones de dólares en unas cuentas en diferentes bancos, tiene paralizado a un grupo importante de funcionarios y contratistas del área petrolera.

Hay negociaciones para determinar cuanto les pueden entregar si no declaran el origen de los fondos. Los nombres impactarán al gobierno pues un sector del mismo presiona para que se hagan públicos.

La situación es comidilla obligatoria en las conversaciones entre banqueros de Estados Unidos, Suiza, Andorra, Lichtenstein y Hong Kong.

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How Gabriel Garcia Marquez Brought Down Samuel Zemurray, the Banana King


The story of how a banana tycoon, Samuel Zemurray, was brought down by Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s powerful fictional indictment of United Fruit, One Hundred Years of Solitude. 

Rich Cohen on the unlikely twists of history he discovered in writing his new book, The Fish That Ate the Whale.

History is the story that sticks. It’s what moves people, sounds authentic, true. A powerful nation can sometimes choose the place of its battles, weapons, tactics, but it cannot decide what people remember. And that’s really everything: after the struggle is over, the troops gone, the rubble cleared, only the story remains. 

It’s a fact that seems especially relevant now, as America disengages from Iraq and Afghanistan, muttering as we walk away. 

You can set time tables, fund agencies, leave trainers, but the winner will not be determined for years, and then by a storyteller we’ll have no part in choosing: it might be a historian from the War College, but more likely it will be one of the kids li…


Daily chart Progress on progress

Apr 8th 2014, 13:05by K.N.C. and A.C.M.

A deliberately non-economic measure of well-being THE Skoll World Forum begins today in Oxford, bringing together the most prominent people in the area of social entrepreneurship. When they want to evaluate how well they've performed over the past year, many can turn to a new metric, the Social Progress Index(SPI). Established in “beta” form last year, the latest version tracks 132 countries across 54 indicators. Importantly, the indicators do not look at inputs (like spending on education) but only outputs (like literacy). And they hew to social, health and environmental factors, not economic ones—making it unique compared with other indices measuring well-being from the OECD, UN Development Programme and others.

Yet when the SPI is compared with GDP per person, its usefulness shi