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MAGAZINE | JUL 16, 1997

The Mango Maharaja

Revealed in 315 ways, Kaleemullah Khan's secrets grow on a 75-year-old mango tree—Malihabad's one-stop orchard


ON Kaleemullah Khan's magic tree—it can bear over 300 varieties of mangoes—every fruit has a tiny tin label of identification on its pale green pedicle.

 The names are as fascinating as the mangoes themselves: the heart-shaped Asl-ul-Muqarrar, the bright red Husn-e-Ara, the bitter gourd-like Karela, Kelwachampa, Sharbati Bagrain, Pukhraj, Walajah Pasand, Khas-ul-Khas, Makkhan, Shyam Sunder, Prince, Himsagar...they are all there. 

In all their splendour.

But try pinning a label on the man behind the tree. It's tough. 

In Malihabad's mango country, where the luscious fruit seems to grow on virtually everything that resembles a tree, 57-year-old Kaleemullah Khan is King. 

Quite clearly, he is not your average mango-grower. 

What is he, then? A scientist of sorts? Most certainly. Or hort…

Anticipating and Planning for a US West Coast Port Strike in 2014

April 23, 2014 - As you may have read in the transportation and logistics trade media, on June 30, 2014 the waterfront contract between the International Longshore and Warehouse Association Union (ILWU) and Pacific Maritime Association ( port terminal operators) is set to expire. 

If a strike occurs at U.S. West Coast ports between the states of Washington and California, 68 percent of all containerized import shipments to the US will be impacted. 

With a strike or lockout in effect, international shippers will incur service disruptions on rail and other modes of transportation, and capacity and equipment challenges throughout North America. 

A one-day strike could result in a one-to-two week delay. If a strike lasts longer than one day it could mean a three-to-six week delay. The delay time for shipments will increase significantly by each day a work stoppage continues and be influenced by the backlog of vessels waiting to berth. 

While negotiations between the ILWU and PMA will likely n…

Here's The Difference Between Wal-Mart America And Whole Foods America


APR. 23, 2014, 10:57 AM 

Wal-Mart country and Whole Foods country are very different places.

Morgan Stanley is out with a retail "atlas" that breaks down retail stores by geography. 

Based on its data, we made the following maps showing the number of Wal-Marts and Whole Foods per 1 million people in each state.

Here's Wal-Mart: You can see it dominates in the center of the country. 

Arkansas, where Wal-Mart was born, has the most per capita with Oklahoma a close second. Wal-Mart is much less popular on the coasts.

Business Insider/Andy Kiersz, data from Morgan Stanley

Here's Whole Foods: It's not that big in the center of the country, but it's huge on the coasts. Colorado is also huge.

Business Insider/Andy Kiersz, data from Morgan Stanley

There are, of course, far more Wal-Marts than Whole Foods in each state overall, but it's fun to see where the stores are more and less concentrated.

 Bottom line: Whole Foods America is much more coastal, while Wal-Ma…


Dragonfruit new cash crop

WA Country Hour

By Lucie Bell

Updated 9 hours 38 minutes ago

PHOTO: Eddie plans on growing dragonfruit in place of some of his mangoes this season (Matt Brann)

PHOTO: A sample of Eddie's dragonfruit saplings, which he will plant this year. (Lucie Bell)

PHOTO: Young mango trees planted beside the entrance to Calypso Plantation in Carnarvon (Lucie Bell)

MAP: Carnarvon 6701

When it comes to growing mangoes, West Australian Eddie Smith says he's made every mistake in the book.

His approach to giving anything a go, has led the grower to diversify this season with two new crops: passionfruit and dragonfruit.

However, water security remains a real concern for all Carnarvon growers, most of whom are currently on 80 per cent of their water allocation.

Deciding just what to plant and what to pull out this season has been playing a lot on Mr Smith's mind.

"It's an absolute gamble right now,"
he said.

"We're counting on getting some winter rain to h…