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For more than 30 years I have focused my career on bringing important social issues to people around the world through my photography. 

My images have appeared in publications worldwide including TIME Magazine, National Geographic, and the New York Times. I have photographed natural disasters in Africa and South America as well as civil strife in South Korea and Chile. I have covered wars in Chechnya and the former Soviet Republic of Abkhazia. And I have witnessed genocide firsthand in Rwanda.

In 2008 I returned to the United States and found myself immersed in a severe and prolonged recession that decimated the global economy.

Yet there was a larger tragedy taking place across the country. 

For decades, extensive clever marketing disguised unlabeled processed foods containing poisonous pesticides, untested genetically modified (GMO)* corn and soy products and vast amounts of sugar. 

That sugar is one of the primary contributors to the fact that today 1 in every 5 American de…

Mexico's Security Dilemma: The Battle for Michoacan

Written by Dudley Althaus and Steven Dudley
Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Faced with the government's failure to rein in the criminals, communities across crime-besieged Mexico have been trying for years to organize effective civic resistance. 

Michoacan's vigilantes express the most extreme response by society to date, but other efforts have been less belligerent. 

In battle-torn cities along the US border, a number of civic, business and church groups have pressured mostly the federal government to implement more effective crime fighting strategies. 

There have been some success stories, but most of these civic efforts have come up short.[1]

It is in this context of frustration with the government and a lack of effective non-violent models that the self-defense groups have emerged in Michoacan. These groups embody both a cry for help and a threat to peace. 

They include a wide range of actors, from earnest civilians scrambling to save their families and businessmen trying to protect th…