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Mango importers looking for price rebound

by Tim Linden | May 21, 2014

The mango market hit rock-bottom prices this spring, but U.S. importers are expecting a better market as the summer wears on.

It appears that there were a number of factors leading to the low prices, including many different production areas, growers pushing the price too high too early and new players in the deal.

Larry Nienkerk, manager of Splendid Products LLC in Burlingame, CA, saw some encouraging marketplace signs in mid-May. 

Mangos being cut from a tree during harvesting in Ecuador.

"I see a little bit more strength in the market," he said May 16.

Through the early part of May, the mango was as low as it gets with $3 buying a carton of mangos more often than not during the first two weeks of the month.

But Nienkerk said Guatemala and Nicaragua were winding down and Mexican producers should have a good opportunity to gradually increase the f.o.b. and maintain a nice market through the rest of the summer.

The longtime mango importer said that confl…

Spain: Trops preparing to enter subtropical fruit retail market

The Agricultural Transformation Society Trops, founded in 1979 by a group of growers devoted at that time to the cultivation of strawberries, took a giant leap two years ago when after opening its new 14,200 square metre facilities, in which the firm invested 17 million Euro. 

This has allowed the company to continue growing steadily, becoming Spain's second largest subtropical fruits marketer (mangoes and avocados), with a total turnover of 42.5 million Euro in 2013, closely behind the giant Fruit Montosa SL, based in Almayate and owned by Jose Luis Montosa, Malaga's "avocado and mango king", which made 50 million Euro last season.

The new challenge for Trops is to enter the retail market, to which end it is finalising the formalities to start the construction of a 200 square metre store specialised in subtropical fruits from Malaga, but also olive oil, honey, goat's cheese and meat or nuts.

 "We have extraordinary products in Malaga which are mostly sold over…

La vida de lujos de Fidel Castro en Cuba queda al descubierto

Un libro escrito por un exguardaespaldas del dictador cubano muestra las extravagancias con las que vive el líder político, mientras su país flota en la miseria

El expresidente cubano Fidel Castro (El Universal)

miércoles 21 de mayo de 2014 11:25 AM

París.- En contra de lo que siempre dice, nunca ha renunciado al confort del capitalismo ni ha elegido vivir con austeridad", escribe Juan Reinaldo Sánchez, que durante 17 años fue guardaespaldas de Fidel Castro y que ahora publica un libro sobre la vida privada del líder de la revolución cubana.

Yates lujosos, una veintena de residencias repartidas por toda la isla o partidas de caza "a lo Luis XV", tanto en las frondosas provincias del norte como en los privilegiados fondos marinos, son algunos de los detalles que saca a la luz La cara oculta de Fidel Castro, escrito junto al periodista francés Axel Gyldén y que estará en las librerías francesas el próximo día 28, resaltó Efe. 

El comandante se cuidó mucho de mante…

“Blood Avocados”: The Dark Side of Your Guacamole

"Long Before the Avocado Boom out of Michoacan, Mexico, Mangoes were the main export crop. The Drug Industry was smart enough to pick a winner and forced local growers into a cash crop away from a money loser (mangoes), finally frustrated with the bottom line, 3 years ago, the "Knights Templar" began to place volume limits on Mango Packing Sheds, since that time, the bottom line has gone from Red to Black with the only Red being the bloodshed by those exporters who refused to play along...."

~ Will Cavan Executive Director International Mango Organization (IMO)

A drug cartel known as the Knights Templar has brought kidnappings, murders, money laundering and fear to Mexico's prized avocado business

MORELIA, Mexico—There’s an almost Mediterranean charm to the rolling hills here in Michoacán, a state in western Mexico. Avocado farms occupy vast stretches of land, and the rows of low-growing trees resemble the olive gardens of southern Europe.

These idyllic farms grow m…

CARIBBEAN SOUL : Nevis Tourism Authority to celebrate island’s mangoes

Posted: Wednesday 21 May, 2014 at 4:12 PM

Several varieties of mangoes found on Nevis on display at the Department of Agriculture’s Fruit Festival on Nevis (file photo)

By: NIA, Press Release



 (May 21, 2014) -- The celebration of mangoes will come into sharp focus for the Nevis Tourism Authority when the fruit, widely available on Nevis, becomes a key feature in its culinary tourism activities.

The Authority’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Greg Phillip told the Department of Information on May 20, 2014, that during the summer months—when the fruit is available in abundance on Nevis, coupled with the usual slow pace of summer, where tourism was concerned—was the ideal time to drum up interest.

“Summer in Nevis is usually quite slow when we think about tourism and we at the Nevis Tourism Authority, are doing quite a lot to influence the summer differently and when I say influence it differently, I am talking about making sure that we get a lot more visitors to t…