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Vision Import and Vision Produce anticipating great summer mango and lime programs

by Christina DiMartino | May 26, 2014

"We are headed into the middle of our summer season with great lime and mango programs from Mexico,"
said Ronnie Cohen, vice president of sales for Vision Import Group, headquartered in River Edge, NJ.

"We expect good volumes and high quality on both items. We got through the earlier lime shortage and are now into new production areas. Prices are down significantly and leveling off to more normal seasonal pricing than we've seen in the past few months."

Cohen was referring to a period of six to seven weeks early in the growing season when weather issues caused lower production rates in Mexico.

 Because limes are such an integral part of Mexican cuisine, most of what was produced during that period remained in the country, which drove prices up in the United States.

 Cohen also pointed out that about 99 percent of the limes that are sold in the U.S. come from Mexico.

Vision Import Group shares unified national distribution with V…

The Reality of the FARC Peace Talks in Havana

Written by Jeremy McDermott
Monday, 26 May 2014

If we are to believe the Colombian government, the question is not if, but rather when, an end to 50 years of civil conflict will be reached. 

Yet the promise of President Juan Manuel Santos that peace can be achieved before the end of 2014 is simply an electoral mirage.

The results of the first round of voting in the May 25 presidential elections showed that the peace process was not the magic electoral ticket that Santos hoped it would be. 

While he will still enter the second round, his opponent Oscar Ivan Zuluaga polled over 29 percent of the vote to his nearly 26 percent.

 And the prospects for peace under a Zuluaga administration are dim indeed.

Part of the problem is that negotiations have been hermetically sealed, with only controlled and bland statements being released from Havana that give little hope that real progress is being made.

 And indeed, after InSight Crime visited Havana and spoke to negotiators from the Revolutionary Armed …

EURO MARKET : UK hosts round-table over Indian mango ban

The British government today held talks with all the stakeholders to help lift the EU ban on the import of Indian mangoes before the sanctioned date of December 2015.

UK environment minister Lord de Mauley hosted a round-table meeting here with representatives of mango and vegetable importers and exporters from the UK and India, Deputy Indian High Commissioner to the UK Virendra Paul, and senior regulators from Defra and the Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera).

"The British government values the bilateral trade with India and is willing to support Indian regulators and the exporters and importers with technical assistance and collaborations with British regulators,"
said Lord de Mauley, parliamentary under-secretary of state for natural environment and science. 

The ability to overturn the ban is with the EU commission and such decision will be taken after the FVO (Food and Veterinary Office) visit to India in September 2014.

"The intention is to work with all the s…