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How Vladimir Putin came to power (full documentary) Russia


Piura: Atkins anuncia que ya no postulará a la presidencia regional

Viernes, 30 de Mayo 2014 | 8:19 pm

Créditos: RPP/Juan Nunura

El actual presidente regional de Piura había anunciado su postulación, pero hoy desistió oficialmente tras un corto mensaje ante la prensa.

El presidente regional de Piura, Javier Atkins dirigió este mediodía un corto mensaje ante la prensa que había sido convocada y anunció como parte de su discurso que no postulará a la reelección como lo había asegurado meses atrás.

“La democracia nos debe inspirar consecuencia […] La gestión desarrollada en nuestra administración debe continuar, más allá de nombres y caudillos […] y es precisamente por esa responsabilidad democrática que he tomado, junto a mi familia, la decisión de no participar en la próxima contienda electoral…”,
expresó Atkins Lerggios quien rodeado de sus funcionarios, asesores y personal de confianza se retiró rápidamente entre aplausos.

Tras el anuncio no hubo oportunidad de preguntas y ahora el manda…

Spain okays Repsol plan for Canary Islands exploration

by Staff Writers
Madrid (AFP) May 29, 2014

The Spanish government on Thursday gave oil giant Repsol the green light to explore for oil and gas off the coast of the Canary Islands, a move that environmental groups described as "unjustifiable".

The environment ministry said in a statement it "has issued a favourable environment impact statement".

It said the exploration would take place around 60 kilometres (40 miles) from the shores of the archipelago and stressed its decision was backed by "rigorous" scientific research.

A spokesman for the Spanish oil giant said "the favourable statement showed that the planned activity is compatible with the protection of the environment".

A broad coalition of environmental and conservationist organisations condemned the government decision and warned it could jeopardise the archipelago's vital tourism revenue.

"This is an unjustifiable act which poses a serious threat to the environment and to the islands&#…


This is why it's critical to follow the most powerful group in the world


Bilderberg, the annual gathering of the world’s most powerful politicians and business magnates, is clearly shaping global policies by positioning its favored politicians as world leaders, determining the timetables of military conflicts and influencing the economic policies of nearly every nation on the planet, impacting the lives of billions around the globe.

Daniel Estulin, an author and expert on the Bilderberg Group, has learned from his internal sources several items on Bilderberg’s agenda for this year’s conference in Copenhagen, Denmark which began yesterday:

1) Nuclear diplomacy – how Russia, China and even Iran could work together to erode western hegemony.

2) The recent gas agreement between Russia and China – how this and other long-term projects between the two countries will likely reduce dependency on the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency.

3) The rise of n…