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US Declares End of Cali Cartel's Business Empire, but Criminal Legacy Continues

Written by Kyra Gurney
Friday, 20 June 2014

Cali Cartel Leader Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela

Authorities in the United States have marked the destruction of the Cali Cartel's business empire by removing economic sanctions against over 300 people and entities linked to the organization, but there are indications that individuals tied to the cartel continue to participate in illegal activity.

On June 19, the US Department of Treasury announced the removal of economic sanctions against 78 individuals and 230 entities once linked to the Cali Cartel. 

 According to US authorities, the people and businesses removed from the list have proved they no longer participate in illegal activities.

In a press release, the Treasury Department identified the removal as the "largest single delisting" in the history of the sanctions program and credited economic sanctions with the demise of the Cali Cartel's vast business empire. 

"Today's action demonstrates the successful use of targ…