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Kesar Mango Plantation in the Dominican Republic ( Spanish )

Published on Jun 10, 2014

Noris Ledesma , Interviews Giuseppe D' Aleo of Milan Farms.

Milan Farms is a brave project, to grow Kesar mangoes in the Dominican Republic for export to EU and the USA.

This is a very informative video on cultivation techniques, and the challenges faced by those starting a plantation. specially one as bold and pioneering as this.

Noris Ledesma: Curator of Tropical Fruit

Giuseppe D' Aleo is looking for Investor(s) you can contact him at 1-829-838-2476
( Telephone shown under permission )


The 22nd Annual International Mango Festival When: Saturday, July 12, 2014 - Sunday, July 13, 2014 from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM The 22nd Annual International Mango Festival—Mangos of Colombia This July 12 and 13, 2014, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden will once again celebrate the mango at the 22nd Annual International Mango Festival. Over the two days of the festivities we will celebrate the mango as an object of beauty and admiration, a subsistence crop for the people and as a niche and mainstream commercial fruit of the future. Two full days of mango festivities will feature a wide range of products, ideas and of course the star of our show, the mango itself in all its glory. Mangos have been collected from the far reaches of the globe and nurtured in South Florida, following in the footsteps of David Fairchild, the most venerable mango collector of them all. Mangos in every culinary creation, work of art…


Jorge Giordani Leaves Cabinet: So Long, Farewell, But…

by moctavio

Jorge Giordani has been such a fixture in Chavez' Cabinet and now under Maduro, that the last time he was removed from the Cabinet, this blog had yet to be born. And this blog is now almost twelve years old. And even if there is no written record of that departure in May 2002, I do recall a feeling of relief that Mr. Giordani had finally departed. Except his absence did not last much and Chavez brought him back to the Cabinet, more powerful than ever. 

At the time, Chavez' intelligence police must have been subpar, as Mr. Giordani held meetings on Saturday at his home with his buddies, where he mostly blasted Chavez, his collaborators and their policies. 

Then last week, as I was on vacation, Mr. Giordani was fired once again, which gave me an immense satisfaction and almost pushed me into writing something on the fly, but I decided this deserved some thought, as Giordani's now infamous document "Testimony…

SUSTAINABILITY : Plastic tide 'causing $13 bn in damage', UN says

by Staff Writers
Nairobi (AFP) June 23, 2014

The dumping of plastic waste into the world's oceans is causing at least $13 billion a year of damage, threatening marine life, tourism and fisheries, the United Nations warned Monday at the launch of a global environment conference.

"Plastics have come to play a crucial role in modern life, but the environmental impacts of the way we use them cannot be ignored,"
said UN Environment Programme (UNEP) chief Achim Steiner said.

"The key course of action is to prevent plastic debris from entering the environment in the first place, which translates into a single powerful objective: reduce, reuse, recycle."

Scientists have found tiny plastic fragments trapped in sea ice in polar regions, while plastic waste has killed marine life, whether it be eaten by sea creatures such as turtles, tangled up dolphins and whales, or caused "damage to critical habitats such as coral reefs," the report read.

"There are also conce…



Helen Walters

The Good Country Index measures how much each of 125 countries contributes to the planet. Announced at the TEDSalon in Berlin, the Index features some unexpected winners — and even more surprising losers. (Sorry, USA.)

The top ten countries in the Good Country Index. (Click to view at larger size.)

Irish people, rejoice! It turns out, your green land is the “goodest” country in the world. That’s right. The “goodest.”

At least, that’s according to Simon Anholt, who’s spent the past two years compiling an index to determine which of 125 countries contributes the most to the common, global good.

“I wanted to know why people admire Country A and not Country B,”
Anholt said in a phone interview before he unveiled the full Index at the TEDSalon in Berlin on Monday, June 23.

“To cut a long story short, I discovered the thing people most admired is the perception that a country is good. That turned out to be much more important than the perception they’re rich or beautiful o…

How The US Blew Its Greatest World Cup Opportunity In Just 55 Seconds

The U.S. national team did exactly what it had to do with a 2-2 draw with Portugal in its second World Cup match. 

But it could have had so much more if not for a horrible 55-second sequence of blunders and bad luck leading up to Cristiano Ronaldo's last-second pass to set up the equalizer.

55 seconds left It started at the 3:37 mark of stoppage time with the U.S. about to take a goal kick and both sides knowing there are probably 30 to 90 seconds left in the match. U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard sent the ball deep, making sure it was as far away from the U.S. goal as possible. ESPN 40 seconds left Chris Wondolowski won the deep ball with a header to teammate DeAndre Yedlin. But here is where the U.S. made the first crucial mistake. With just eight seconds remaining until the start of the final minute of stoppage time, the U.S. has a 3-on-5 disadvantage. Instead of dribbling to the corner and stalling for time, Yedlin inexplicably tries to force the ball back to Wondolowski in the box. T…