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SOIL SECRETS LLC. : The Best Thing That Happened To Earth

Soil Secrets LLC develops products which instigate the natural biochemical process required for healthy soils and proper plant nutrition.

 This process is referred to as the‘Soil Food Web’. 

All products of Soil Secrets meet the benchmark of the USDA National Organic Program and with Certifier approval can be used on Organic Certified farms. 

The products are also safe for use on home gardens and lawns, without fear of damaging the environment or exposing our bodies to hazardous chemicals. The nutrients of Soil Secrets products are natural and productive for soil health, without the soil damaging effects of high analysis fertilizers. 

Can be used on the landscape construction and maintenance of USGBC LEED Certified buildings as the products of Soil Secrets
provide a multitude of benefits, from conserving water by improving the drought tolerance of plants and improving the storage of water in soils, increasing the amount of Phytoremediation (bioremediation using plants) by maximizing effici…

Creación de huertos de aguacate, causante del 80% de deforestación en Michoacán: Cofom

14 julio, 2014 | Categoria: Sociedad

Escrito por: Edición Impresa

• Se trabaja con los productores para revertir esta situación, asegura Rodríguez

Daniela Osorio

De las casi 50 mil hectáreas que se han perdido por la deforestación desde 1999, 80 por ciento corresponden a cambios de uso de suelo para crear huertos de aguacate, alertó la directora general de la Comisión Forestal del Estado (Cofom), Martha Josefina Rodríguez Casillas.

La funcionaria estatal explicó que para revertir esta situación continúan con los trabajos conjuntos con los productores de aguacate y organizaciones del sector desde el seno del Consejo Estatal Forestal, donde existe un comité técnico de cambio de uso de suelo.

Sin especificar cuándo, añadió que trabaja en llevar a cabo un foro de manera conjunta que permita establecer una línea de acción para atender la problemática.

Rodríguez Casillas enfatizó que todos los cambios de uso de suelo que se han dado en los últimos años son ilegales, dado que “no ha habido una a…

Bids on Port of Gulfport buildings run from $41.5 million to $53.5 million


calee@sunherald.comJuly 11, 2014

TIM ISBELL/SUN HERALD State Port at Gulfport

Bids the state Port of Gulfport received Friday to build a transit shed, office and entry gate on its expanded West Pier ranged from $41.5 million to $53.5 million.

The bids will be evaluated for compliance before the port commission receives them July 25 for approval of a contract.

The bids, from lowest to highest: Florida-based Wharton-Smith Inc., $41,499,000; Southern Industrial Contractors LLC of Rayville, La., $47,037,840.25; Tanner Construction of Laurel, $49,880,827.55; and L&A Contracting Co. of Hattiesburg, $53,548,830.34.

L&A also is involved in West Pier wharf reconstruction and secured the bid for pile installation at tenant DuPont's new facilities on the West Pier.

"We were very pleased, with a project of that magnitude, to be able to see four bids,"
said the port's executive director, Jonathan Daniels.

The project involves construction of a transit shed for tenan…

US govt lab reveals series of dangerous mix-ups

by Staff Writers
Washington (AFP) July 11, 2014

The United States' top public health agency revealed Friday a series of alarming incidents in which dangerous biological agents including anthrax, influenza and botulism were mishandled over the past decade.

The latest revelation involved a mistaken contamination of a mild flu strain with a deadly type of H5N1 bird flu, which was then shipped from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Georgia to a separate government lab, authorities said.

The flu incident came in the same week as the discovery of forgotten smallpox vials at a separate US government lab near the US capital, and followed admissions of mishandled anthrax at a CDC lab in Atlanta last month.

Though no one was taken ill by the events, they have raised new concerns about the safety of dangerous agents which could be used as bioterror weapons.

In addition to the three incidents so far this year, the CDC acknowledged three more in the past decade in which biologi…

Philippines braces for first major storm of the season

by Staff Writers
Manila (AFP) July 14, 2014

Thousands of people living in coastal areas of the Philippines were preparing on Monday to evacuate as the first major storm of the rainy season barrelled towards the archipelago.

Tropical Storm Rammasun is expected to hit fishing communities in the eastern Philippines late Tuesday and then bring heavy rain to Manila and other heavily populated northern areas, civil defence officials said.

The Philippines is hit by about 20 major storms a year, many of them deadly, and Rammasun will be the first to make landfall since the rainy season began last month.

Authorities said they were taking every precaution to avoid fatalities, after Super Typhoon Haiyan left about 7,300 people dead or missing when it tore across the central Philippines in November last year.

"We are already warning the public to be on alert for possible effects of the weather disturbance: landslides, flash floods, strong rains and winds,"
said Alexander Pama, head of the Nat…

A first direct glimpse of photosynthesis in action

by Staff Writers
Munich, Germany (SPX) Jul 14, 2014

File image.

An international team of researchers, including scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research in Heidelberg, has just a reported a major step in understanding photosynthesis, the process by which the Earth first gained and now maintains the oxygen in its atmosphere and which is therefore crucial for all higher forms of life on earth.

The researchers report the first direct visualization of a crucial event in the photosynthetic reaction, namely the step in which a specific protein complex, photosystem II, splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using energy provided by light.

This is a catalytic process in which the molecules of photosystem II enable and promote the reaction without themselves being consumed. Given the very high sensitivity of photosystem II to radiation damage, the photosynthetic reaction cannot be followed by standard methods of structural investigation such as conventional time-resolved X-ray c…


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Two months after I brought them laboratory proof that products they were selling to the public were contaminated with toxic heavy metals, they've done nothing about it.

Every day, customers buy contaminated products from Whole Foods, oblivious to the fact that they are eating alarming concentrations of cadmium, lead and tungsten.

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