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MEXICO MANGO MAFIA EXPANDS : Is the Sinaloa Cartel now a Player in Medellin?

Written by James Bargent
Friday, 01 August 2014

Medellin's murder rate has reached historic lows in 2014

A mafia boss is found slumped in a car park in an exclusive neighborhood with four bullets in his head. 

Grenade attacks and hitmen on motorbikes leave a trail of dead downtown. 

Colombia's most fearsome criminal organization plays peacemaker to warring street gangs, while Mexico's leading drug cartel floods the city with money and guns. 

After a year of criminal peace, violence is slowly returning to Medellin as the city's underworld edges ever closer to a yet another criminal chapter.

At the start of 2014, Medellin recorded its lowest murder rate since Pablo Escobar made the city the capital of the international cocaine trade 30 years earlier. 

But few believe city officials when they claim credit for the fall in violence. 

This is a criminal peace, say residents and experts -- the result of a ceasefire in the war between the Medellin mafia known as the Oficina de Envigado

An analysis of the Banana Supply Chain

Marketing chain

Banana market structure is very heterogeneous, depending on the producing and importing countries.

The presence of diverse economic actors is also different, from country to country and among regions, at the several stages of the banana chain. 

Export bananas may be grown by many small independent growers (with a higher presence in the Caribbean banana producing countries and Ecuador), national banana companies (mainly in Ecuador and Colombia) or large transnational companies (the presence of multinationals is higher in Central America and increasing in Africa and Asia). 

At a later stage of the chain, after cleaning, packaging and quality control, bananas are transported through independent reefer carriers or by the fleet owned by multinationals. 

When they arrive to the importing country they may pass through importers or wholesalers, needing to be ripened before they arrive to the different retail outlets in order to be purchased by the consumers. 

However, the major feat…


Un banco en Canadá recientemente transformó sus dispensadores de dinero en “máquinas automatizadas de agradecimiento” creando algunos de los más preciosos y especiales momentos para clientes que usaron su propio dinero para ayudar a otros que lo necesitaba.

Es increíble que un simple gesto de agradecimiento puede mejorar el día de alguien más.


Cinnamon essential oil can naturally prevent dangerous foodborne illnesses

Saturday, August 02, 2014 
by: David Gutierrez, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Essential oil of cinnamon is a potent antibacterial agent that may be useful as a natural method for preventing the spread of foodborne illness, according to a study conducted by researchers from Washington State University that is scheduled for publication in the journal Food Control in December 2014.

The study was conducted on the oil of the cinnamon variety known as cassia or Chinese cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia). This is different from the Ceylon variety (Cinnamomum verum) more commonly used in cooking.

Researchers tested the essential oil against the top six strains of a variety of Escherichia coli(E. coli) bacteria known as Shiga toxin-producing E. coli, or non-O157 STEC.

Bacteria wiped out within 24 hours

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service has a "zero tolerance" policy for these six strains in raw ground beef or trimmings. 

This means that, if any of the six strains a…


As detailed in the video, decision making is most strongly determined by feelings, not by rational thought. 

It’s therefore so important that businesses focus on why they do what they do to drive human behaviour. 

Like Simon explains, if you don’t know why you do what you do, how will you ever get people to believe in and buy your product?

“Whether they are individuals or organisations, we follow those who lead not because we have to, but because we want to. We follow those who lead, not for them, but for ourselves. And it’s those that start with ‘why’ that have the ability to inspire those around them, or find other who inspire them.”

Why does your business do what it does?


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