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PAKISTAN : How to avoid EU ban on mango

By Ashfak Bokhari Updatedabout 5 hours ago

PAKISTAN’S mango exports to the European Union have suddenly come under the sword of Damocles. Only one lapse could make them meet the fate India has met. Under the changed scenario, mango exports to the bloc are fast shrinking, even up to 70pc (by a latest count) over the last year’s figure, but there are no regrets. What is important is beating the ban and the EU has already shown the yellow card saying five mango consignments infested with fruit fly would mean an end to further exports. And it also applies to all agricultural produce. The EU has rejected some 200 shipments of mangoes from Pakistan over the last three years. As a result, now the focus is on quality, not on quantity. And the hot water treatment of mangoes, which the Trade Development Authority has made mandatory, cannot be skipped. The treatment was made mandatory after two mango shipments to EU were found contaminated with fruit flies in June. Under the new process, mangoes…

AUSTRALIA : Mango industry 'frustrated' by levy challenge

ABC Rural By Marty McCarthy

Updated 4 Aug 2014, 5:50pm

Mon 4 Aug 2014, 5:50pm PHOTO: Mango levy stirs up trouble in the Senate (Marty McCarthy) MAP: Darwin 0800 The mango industry says it's frustrated by attempts in the Senate to block a proposed increase to the mango levy. The Senate is expected to vote on a disallowance motion, from Liberal Democratic Party Senator David Leyonhjelm, against the levy changes later this month. The increase is being considered alongside changes to the onion and mushroom industry levies. Robert Gray, the chief executive officer of the Australian Mango Industry Association, says the delay shows a disregard for the levy system. AUDIO: Robert Gray from the Australian Mango Industry Association talks about changes to the mango levy (ABC Rural) "From a mango perspective we're frustrated because a lot of work has been done about why we wanted the levy increase," he said. "That levy should have taken effect in July 1 this year for the upcomin…

MANGO MARKETS : “Success in the mango market is mostly down to logistics and timing”

Gary Clevenger, of Freska Produce

Freska Produce International, LLC is a California-based company established in August 2004 with the sole purpose of sourcing the freshest mangos from around the world; to achieve this end, it works with growers in many countries, thereby ensuring year-round availability.

“At the moment, our mangoes are being sourced from Los Mochis, in northern Sinaloa, Mexico. In about two weeks, the first shipments from Brazil will arrive; then we’ll move on to Ecuador from early October until January and Peruvian mangoes from mid-December until March, when we return to Mexico, namely to the southern states of Oaxaca and Chiapas,”
explains Gary Clevenger, of Freska Produce.

All of the company’s handling facilities have numerous certifications, including HACCP, as well as a quality control team that oversees all produce to ensure it meets the required standards. 

Gary affirms that “this allows us to provide consistency in terms of quality, no matter where the product is …

INDIA : Inside the world’s first "Almost Seedless" mango

August 4th, 2014

As the national fruit of India, the mango is not only an important commercial crop and precious commodity but is embedded in the culture of the world’s second most populated country. Developing new varieties of the popular fruit has been the pursuit of many agricultural universities for decades, and continues to be so. 

At, we spoke with the scientist behind breeding the very first variety of "seedless" mango in India more than 20 years ago, which is now going through an evaluation process to test for suitability in the state of Bihar.

When sections of the Indian press reported that an agricultural university in the Indian state of Bihar had developed a new variety of seedless mango recently, this didn’t exactly tell the whole story.

As scientists well know, the development of any new variety, least of all a seedless mango, takes years and the back story to the Sindhu variety dates to its original release in the state of Maharashtra in 1…