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No entendemos la desidia de muchos venezolanos

by Carlos Vilchez Navamuel

• 12 agosto, 2014 • 

Lamentable pero cierto, con las siguientes palabras podríamos definir a una gran cantidad de venezolanos que como verán más adelante no han hecho nada por cambiar las cosas en su patria y la han dejado en manos de unos “malandros” que se han llenado de billete y han destrozado al Estado Venezolano, nos referimos a la desidia, al abandono, a la negligencia, a la incuria, a la abulia, a la dejadez, al descuido, al desgano, al desinterés, a la inapetencia, a la holgazanería, a la pereza y la vagancia que tienen muchos en ese país .

No ignoramos que existen grupos y personas que han trabajado arduamente y se han sacrificado todos estos años por tener una Nación más equitativa, libre de la inherencia cubana y en mejores condiciones para sus ciudadanos, sin embargo nosotros no entendemos en verdad la desidia de esa otra parte de venezolanos (muchos como veremos más adelante) que teniendo un gobierno tan desastroso, con la inflación más alta del…

A True Tree of Life: The Seeds From This Magical Plant Can Clean Water

The Himalayan Moringa tree can clean drinking water while providing food, fuel, and fertilizer.

A woman and her baby stand next to a Moringa tree in a field belonging to the Apevivis association in Kpomassè, Benin. (Photo: Getty Images)

August 11, 2014 

By Katharine Gammon

Katharine Gammon has written for Nature, Wired , Discover, and Popular Science. 

How can you help prevent 3.5 million deaths a year from waterborne diseases that threaten nearly a billion people who don't have access to clean water ?

Plant a tree.

Researchers have discovered that the drought-tolerant Moringa tree can clean water. 

In a paper published in the journal Current Protocols in Microbiology, Michael Lea of Safe Water International showed that Moringa seeds reduced muddiness in water by 80 percent to 99.5 percent and cut bacteria by as much as 99 percent.

The tree (Moringa oleifera), native to the Himalayas, also produces oil for cooking and lighting and can be used as a soil fertilizer. 

The tree’s leaves and pod…


Bringing discipline to your sustainability initiatives

Many companies have more sustainability initiatives than they can possibly manage. Here’s how to get them under control.

August 2014 | by Sheila Bonini and Steven Swartz

Sustainability has become a part of life for many companies. For some, it’s a matter of meeting demands from customers seeking socially responsible goods and services. For others, it’s about addressing pressure from stakeholders—including investors—or pursuing their own corporate values. For still others, especially those in a resource-constrained environment, it’s a strategic imperative. Whatever the impetus, sustainability has become sufficiently pervasive that defining it and executing business programs, products, and practices with an eye to their environmental and social implications has become a demanding managerial exercise.

For some, sustainability has proved to be a valuable lens through which they have identified opportunities that they might have oth…




PNoy confers honors on Alcala, Trono, Gomez, Barba


August 12, 2014 2:48 PM

President Aquino III shares the stage with the 2014 Order of National Scientist awardees Drs. Edgardo Gomez, Ramon Barba, Gavino Trono, Jr., and Angel Alcala., Also in photo are DOST Secretary Mario Montejo and NAST president William Padolina. (Photo by Gil Nartea / Malacañang Photo Bureau)
The online news portal of TV5

MANILA, Philippines - Four Filipino scientists who have made outstanding contributions in marine botany, biological scinces, horticulture and marine biology were conferred the Order of National Scientist Tuesday in simple rites at Malacanang Palace.

President Benigno Aquino III gave the recognition to Angel Alcala, PhD. (for Biological Sciences); Ramon Barba, PhD.(Horticulture); Gavino C. Trono, PhD (Marine Botany); and Edgardo D. Gomez, PhD (Marine Biology) after they were endorsed by the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST).

The he…

Improving mangoes quality in Pakistan : ASLP launches marketing development project

August 12, 2014


Australia-Pakistan Agriculture Sector Linkages programme (ASLP) launched a domestic marketing development project to improve the quality of mango at local level and imparting training to orchard owners for direct marketing of their produce. 

Professor Dr Nazim Hussain Labar and ASLP project officer Suhail Ayyaz Ansari said mangoes are one of Pakistan's more important fruit crops with an annual production of around one million tonnes (4% of world production) and exports of 7-10% of production valued at around US $20 million per year. 

Pakistan receives the lowest average price per kilogram (US $0.30) of any major mango exporting country in the world, largely due to the poor quality of its fruit combined with poor marketing practices. 

After a decade of steadily increasing production, there is now concern in Pakistan that mango production is static or declining. 

Key production issues that impact upon yield and fruit quality are inadequate orchard and irrig…

Peru to implement mango quality seal as long-term strategy

August 12th, 2014

The Peruvian mango industry is hoping to take full advantage of a growing U.S consumption for the fruit by implementing a quality seal that will set it aside from others. 

Peruvian Mango Exporters’ Association (APEM) general manager Juan Carlos Rivera told the seal’s design and requisites were being finalized and he was now seeing which companies would like to start trials.

“What we are looking for now is a consensus amongst the possible users of the seal and to see what companies would like to undergo a pilot scheme,”
Rivera said.

“There is a group of companies who are on board, and so we’re holding meetings with them and we’re expecting them to test the seal.”

Rivera added he was focusing more on packers rather than growers.

“It’s impossible for all producers to use it as there are thousands here in Peru. However, we have better control and better access to the packing plants,”
he said.

Rivera said growers and packers wanting to use the quality se…

Ebola vaccine to be manufactured by criminal drug company with felony record; rushed to market with near-zero safety testing

(NaturalNews) While the world of conventional medicine lines up to profit from the Ebola panic, there is no mention anywhere in the mainstream media of the criminal corporation behind the Ebola vaccine.

GlaxoSmithKline, now being celebrated by the pro-pharma press, is the same company that also has a proven criminal record of bribing physicians and knowingly distributing misleading information about the safety of their drug products.

Just two years ago, GSK plead guilty to felony crimes in the United States and was forced to pay an historical $3 billion fine for committing those crimes. After paying the fine, GSK was then exempted from normal rules regarding criminal enterprise, allowing it to continue conducting business with the federal government.

"Global health care giant GlaxoSmithKline LLC (GSK) agreed to plead guilty and to pay $3 billion to resolve its criminal and civil liability arising from the company's unlawful promotion of certain prescription drugs, its failure to…

Turkey's Geographical Ambition

Geopolitical Weekly TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2014 - 03:02 Stratfor

Editor's Note:We originally ran this Global Affairs with Robert D. Kaplan column on May 1, 2013. We are republishing it in light of Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Aug. 10 election as Turkey's new president.

By Robert D. Kaplan and Reva Bhalla
At a time when Europe and other parts of the world are governed by forgettable mediocrities, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's prime minister for a decade now, seethes with ambition. Perhaps the only other leader of a major world nation who emanates such a dynamic force field around him is Russia's Vladimir Putin, with whom the West is also supremely uncomfortable.

Erdogan and Putin are ambitious because they are men who unrepentantly grasp geopolitics. Putin knows that any responsible Russian leader ensures that Russia has buffer zones of some sort in places like Eastern Europe and the Caucasus; Erdogan knows that Turkey must become a substantial power in the Near East in order t…