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HOW DOES THAT FEEL ??? : Germany taps John Kerry phone call, says Der Spiegel

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German intelligence listened to at least one John Kerry phone call during Middle East peace talks, says German media. When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, Germany also listened to at least one of her calls.

By Michael Nienaber, Reuters AUGUST 16, 2014

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, Pool)

BERLIN — Germany's foreign intelligence agency recorded at least one phone conversation held by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, a German magazine said on Saturday, potentially embarrassing Berlin which has reprimanded Washington for its surveillance.

Der Spiegel cited unnamed sources as saying security agents at Germany's BND had intercepted Kerry's words when he was in the Middle East negotiating between Israelis, Palestinians and Arab states last year.

In Washington, U.S State Department spokeswoman Laura Seal said in an e-mail concerning the Spiegel report: "We decline to comment."

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MEXICO MANGO MAFIA : Endangered fish bladder trafficking - the Mexican cartels' new million-dollar business

Friday, August 15, 2014 by: J. D. Heyes


Drugs. Guns. Human beings. And now -- fish bladder? 

That appears to be the new item being trafficked by Mexican crime cartels.

According to Fox News, Mexican drug cartels are becoming more deeply involved in the very lucrative, if slightly odd, business of trafficking the bladders of exotic fish to markets mostly in Asia.

News of the odd, new business began surfacing in June after the murder of Samuel Gallardo Castro, whose alias was "El Samy," the leader of a Mexico-based organized criminal enterprise in the Sonaran town of El Golfo de Santa Clara.

 A man there confessed to local authorities that he had gunned down the drug boss because Gallardo owed him $1 million for a shipment of bladders from the totoaba fish.

Police eventually released the man because they doubted his mental capacities.

 However, "his statement was not the first time the murky business of the underground fish bladder trade has made headlines in Mexic…