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WHEN WILL MANGO FARMERS WAKE UP ??? : MASHUMUS (KeyLine) Orchard Management is the answer

Juan Bernardo entre el pasto Rodex, nos muestra la abundancia y diversidad del pasto de su rancho. Nadie lo habría imaginado hace unos meses.

Antes de las lluvias Eugenio y Raquel de Máshumus diseñaron el rancho para capitalizar todo el agua de lluvia y aprovechar los bordos existentes

En algunos canales se sembró pasto para acelerar el proceso de cobertura, estabilización y mayor infiltración en los canales

La vegetación natural va tapizando los canales construidos antes de las lluvias

Varios bordos no se habían llenado en 15 años y ahora están a tope, gracias al agua que reciben de los canales recién construidos

Caballones para plantar frutales en Keyline, en Huelva, España

En Costa Rica:

En el suelo, con una aplicación de biofertilizante, las hojas se descomponen en unos días, incorporándose al suelo y cerrando ciclos

When will mango growers understand and implement this critical concept ???

National Mango Board Releases Mango Flavor Pairing Guide

by National Mango Board
Posted: 2014-08-29 15:47:51 EST

Orlando, FL—The National Mango Board announces the release of a new tool to inspire menu innovation, Mango Flavor Pairing Guide. The guide was developed to create excitement about fresh mango as a versatile ingredient, the key to innovation all across menus, all year-round. The mango pairings showcase complementary and contrasting sensory combinations from familiar to surprising.

The mango is known for its glorious yellow-orange flesh that can taste sweet, tart or slightly spicy with a texture that runs the gamut from crisp to lush. 

As today’s culinary teams explore exciting flavor combinations and innovative menu options, they’re finding more and better places for fresh mango.

In Green Mango and Grilled Steak Salad, Chef Ben Randolph, The Broadway Hotel, Columbia, MO, combines the tropical appeal of fresh mango, grilled beef and Asian flavors to surprise and delight diners.

To view or download the Mango Flavor Pairing Guide, go to:



First terrestrial discovery of ringwoodite confirms presence of massive amounts of water 400 to 700 km beneath the Earth’s surface.

By Bryan Alary on March 12, 2014

Graham Pearson holds the rough diamond containing the first terrestrial sample of ringwoodite ever found. (Photo: Richard Siemens)

(Edmonton) It might be the ugliest diamond you’ll ever see, but within this brown sliver of carbon is a gem of a find for a University of Alberta scientist working to unravel an ocean-sized mystery deep beneath the Earth.

An international team of scientists led by Graham Pearson, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Arctic Resources at the U of A, has discovered the first-ever sample of a mineral called ringwoodite.

 Analysis of the mineral shows it contains a significant amount of water—1.5 per cent of its weight—a finding that confirms scientific theories about vast volumes of water trapped 410 to 660 kilometres beneath the Earth, between the upper and lower mantle.

“This sample really provides extr…