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National ID card being covertly rolled out under 'enhanced' driver's license programs

Sunday, September 14, 2014 

by: J. D. Heyes


"Papers, please?"

That's a question you might hear from authorities trying to verify who you are if you lived in an authoritarian police state. It's not likely that Americans will be asked to prove who they are anytime soon because, after all, we've got a Constitution, and it protects us against unjustified invasions of our privacy.

The same is true of a so-called "national ID card," right? 

That could never happen inAmerica. Only it has happened -- or willhappen, depending upon which state you currently reside in.

If you've never heard of the "Enhanced Driver's License," or EDL, you're not alone.

 Most of us haven't. But they are just that -- national (and soon, global) ID cards [states will be forced to issue them to obscure the fact] that immediately verify who we are, without overtly asking us for our "papers."

You know who else has heard of the EDL? 

The Department …

México declara alerta ante cercanía de huracán Odile

Septiembre 14, 2014 - 4:26 pm

​ Se han habilitado 164 refugios con capacidad para 30.000 personas en el pacífico mexicano

El gobierno mexicano declaró en alerta la Península de Baja California (noroeste) ante la cercanía del poderoso huracán Odile, que podría tocar tierra en categoría 4 en las próximas horas, informó este domingo el director de la Comisión Nacional del Agua, David Korenfel.

"La alerta climática es para toda la Península de Baja California para las próximas 24 horas por lo menos",

Odile alcanzó este domingo la categoría 4, de un máximo de 5 en la escala Saffir-Simpson.

A las 15:00 GMT se encontraba 365 km al sur-sureste de Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur(noroeste) y 425 km al oeste-noroeste de Manzanillo, Colima (oeste) y se desplazaba con vientos sostenidos de 215 km/h y rachas de 260 km/ hacia el noroeste a 22 km/h, informó el Centro Nacional de Huracanes (NHC) de Estados Unidos.

Sin embargo, desde su formación como tormenta tropical en días pasado…

Genetically modified oranges might save Florida's blighted groves—if Americans will drink the juice.

Can Genetic Engineering Save the Florida Orange?

Researchers have found that thermotherapy, or baking infected citrus trees with solar radiation to 100 degrees Fahrenheit for a few days, kills some of the citrus greening bacteria and allows the tree to survive a few more years.


Paul Voosen

for National Geographic


Citrus greening, the plague that could wipe out Florida's $9 billion orange industry, begins with the touch of a jumpy brown bug on a sun-kissed leaf.

From there, the bacterial disease incubates in the tree's roots, then moves back up the trunk in full force, causing nutrient flows to seize up. 

Leaves turn yellow, and the oranges, deprived of sugars from the leaves, remain green, sour, and hard. Many fall before harvest, brown necrotic flesh ringing failed stems.

For the past decade, Florida's oranges have been literally starving.

Since it first appeared in 2005, citrus greening, also known by its …