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TULIPMANIA: How A Country Went Totally Nuts For Flower Bulbs


SEP. 16, 2014, 7:06 PM

Wikimedia Commons

Four centuries ago, a whole country went completely crazy for tulip bulbs.

But why do we still talk about these flower-obsessed Dutch traders.

As you'll read, the story of tulipmania involves many timeless issues like behavioral biases, malfunctioning markets, inequality, and basic economic concepts like supply and demand imbalances.

Dutch tulips were the first speculative asset to see prices shoot through the roof, and then quickly crash.

And of course they weren't the last.

With the help of historian Anne Goldgar's 2007 "Tulipmania," Business Insider brings you this unusual and enlightening story.

Editor's Note: Former Business Insider writer Rob Wile contributed to an earlier version of this feature.

According to lore, Tulipmania had its roots in the Ottoman Empire when Suleiman the Magnificent noticed a flower. Cristoraul An ambassador working at the court of Suleiman the Magnificent noticed the flower, which …



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AUSTRALIA : Top End fruit fly trial could slash mango export costs and open up new markets

ABC Rural By Carmen Brown

Updated yesterday at 3:53pm

Fri 19 Sep 2014, 3:53pm

PHOTO: Researcher Austin McLennan will strap caged fruit flies to mango trees around Katherine and Darwin during the trial(Carmen Brown )

MAP: Katherine 0850

Researchers are hopeful an upcoming fruit fly trial will help Northern Territory mango growers reduce their export costs, and potentially open-up new markets overseas.

Over the next few weeks, NT Department of Primary Industry staff will begin strapping caged fruit flies to mango trees in commercial orchards near Darwin and Katherine, to find out how the pest interacts with the crop.

Entomologist Austin McLennan says if the trial can prove untreated mangoes present a low fruit fly infestation risk, growers could significantly reduce their post-harvest treatment expenses.

"We've shown the risk of untreated mangoes being infested with fruit fly is very, very low"

~Austin McLennan, NT Department of Primary Industry

"To access an interstate or inte…

Alibaba's Maggie Wu and Lucy Peng: The dynamic duo behind the IPO

Scott Cendrowski

SEPTEMBER 17, 2014, 6:30 AM EDT

The giant Chinese e-retailer has a reputation for fostering talented women. Lucy Peng and Maggie Wu are stellar examples.

About the only thing Wall Street didn’t hype in the run-up to Alibaba’s initial public offering is the Chinese tech giant’s remarkable track record for populating its top ranks with women.

 A third of Alibaba’s 18 co-founders are women, and a similar percentage constitute the company’s powerful new partnership group, which essentially controls the company by nominating a majority of its directors. 

Among them are CFO Maggie Wu and Lucy Peng, head of Alibaba’s HR and the affiliated Small and Micro Financial Services Co., which owns Alipay, an online payments system—the top female stars at the company who each have wide influence. Citing restrictions about speaking publicly before the IPO, both declined interviews with Fortune. Here are their stories.

The Master of Complexity

As a testament to her business acu…

HCCBPL,Jain Irrigation to invest Rs 50cr to boost mango yields

Press Trust of India | Bangalore
September 19, 2014 Last Updated at 18:25 IST


Coca-Cola, Jain Irrigation to scale up mango farming project
Dhanuka to invest Rs 50cr on new plant; eyes Rs 750cr revenue
Jain Irrigation launches solar-powered micro irrigation system
Jain Irrigation posts Q1 net at Rs 20.13 crore
Jain Irrigation Q4 Net up 39 pc at Rs 75.34 crore

Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages and Jain Irrigation, in a joint venture, plan to scale up their joint initiative Project Unnati with investments of Rs 50 crore over 10 years to boost mango yields by enabling farmers with advanced technology. 

The joint initiative would reach 25,000 farmers over next 10 years, HCCBPL CEO T Krishnakumar told reporters on the sidelines of the launch of company's new product 'Coca-Cola Zero', that has no sugar in it. 

"The joint initiative will result in creation of an ecosystem that delivers higher growth and income for farmers and helps us streamline supply chain and enhance pr…