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AUSTRALIA : Cape York mangoes on lockdown

13 Oct, 2014 03:00 AM

Any movement of mango fruit around, out of or into the Cape York Peninsula region is prohibited in order to prevent the spread of exotic pests and diseases to commercial mango production areas.

TRAVELLERS and the local community are being reminded of movement restrictions for mangoes on Cape York Peninsula to keep the summer fruit’s industry safe.

Biosecurity Queensland Acting Chief Plant Protection Officer Sarah Corcoran said the message was simple – don’t move mangoes around or out of this region.

“Mango season has kicked off in the north of the state and with many people beginning to plan tropical holidays, it’s a timely reminder that mango fruit can’t be moved in, around, or out of the Cape York area, north of Coen, unless it’s accompanied by a Biosecurity Queensland Inspector’s approval,”
she said.

“In the Cape York Peninsula, you can collect and eat mangoes on the property where you find them, but don’t move the fruit off the property.

“Any movement of mango frui…

Capture of Guatemala Trafficker May Have Officials Trembling

Written by Steven Dudley

Thursday, 09 October 2014

GuatemalaElites and Organized Crime

Hayron Borrayo Lasmibat, accused drug trafficker

A little known, but powerful drug trafficker from Guatemala thought to be connected to the highest levels of the country’s political establishment is in US custody, a fact that may have the political elite scrambling to cover its tracks.

Hayron Borrayo Lasmibat, alias "El Gordo," was arrested in France on March 13, 2014, according to an arrest warrant obtained by InSight Crime. 

The suspect was then extradited to the United States, where he is being held in the Federal Detention Center of Miami, a document from the US Bureau of Prisons states. (The document spells Lasmibat’s name “Lasmibath” making it difficult to find him in the system.)

An indictment obtained by InSight Crime accuses Borrayo and an accomplice, Cesar Barrera, of moving illegal drugs through “Venezuela, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, and elsewhere” into the United States.

Borrayo’s la…