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AUSTRALIA : Powerful Storm Sets Ships Adrift at Sydney’s Port Botany

BY  ON OCTOBER 15, 2014 Photo credit: Sydney Morning Herald via Twitter

It was a wild and dangerous night Tuesday in Sydney, Australia as a powerful storm caused two large containerships to break free their moorings, among other damage.

STRATFOR ANALYSIS: Oil Prices Continue to Define Geopolitics

Geopolitical Diary TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2014 - 19:04

Editor's Note:Oil prices dropped steeply Oct. 14, with crude oil futures falling 4.6 percent to $81.84 per barrel -- the biggest decrease in more than two years. Brent crude dropped by more than $4 a barrel at one stage in the day, dipping below $85 for the first time since 2010. While these are relatively substantial drops, they are just one part of a continuing trend Stratfor has been tracking over the past few months. Factors behind the slump include weak demand, a surfeit of supply and the fact that many large Middle Eastern producers are reluctant to reduce their output.

In light of today's developments, we are republishing the following diary from Oct. 2, which details the reasons behind the falling prices and how the drops could affect oil-dependent countries around the world.

The global oil benchmark, Brent crude, fell Thursday to about $92 per barrel before rebounding to finish the day at around $94 per barrel, the lowe…


Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica each have their own version of the dry canal; Honduras has a joint canal project with El Salvador. 

An ideal future would have a Central American region encompassing a network of many dry canals complemented by one wet Panama Canal. 

Each of the dry canals is at a different stage in its realization, and each has its own sets of risks and rewards for investors jumping on board early.

The Great Dry Canal Race

El Salvador / Honduras:



Whichever Central American nation can get its own canal project finished first will benefit significantly from the widening of the Panama Canal in 2015.


Costa Rica
Photos by Soo Jones-Kelley

The Panama Canal expansion, on target to be completed by 2015, has certainly put Panama and Central America back on the map. 

Investor interest in the region will likely surge — the Canal is expected to bring swarms of post-Panamax-size vessels through the region. 

This expected incre…