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“New Tango” Service brings additional Post-Panamax vessels to Charleston

By: AJOT | Oct 20 2014 at 05:45 PM | Ports & Terminals

The SC Ports Authority received the first ship call of a new consolidated East Coast South America service that brings additional post-Panamax vessels to Charleston.

The newly-formed “New Tango” weekly service includes Hamburg Süd/Aliança, Hapag-Lloyd/CSAV, as well as two carriers new to this trade in the Port of Charleston, NYK and Yang Ming. 

The deployment of larger ships in the service provides the opportunity for Charleston to grow container volumes in this trade.

“This service will increase the frequency of post-Panamax vessels calls Charleston, and with additional ship capacity we expect to boost our volumes in this important trade route,” said SCPA president and CEO Jim Newsome.

 “Consolidations like the ‘New Tango’ reflect the importance of deepening the Charleston harbor to 52 feet in order to provide unrestricted access to our container terminals.”

Top cargoes on this trade with Brazil and Argentina include tires and auto…

STRATFOR ANALYSIS : The Similarities Between Germany and China

Geopolitical Weekly TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2014 - 03:00

By George Friedman

I returned last weekend from a month long trip to both East Asia and Europe

I discovered three things:

** First, the Europeans were obsessed with Germany and concerned about Russia. 

** Second, the Asians were obsessed with China and concerned about Japan. 

** Third, visiting seven countries from the Pacific to the Atlantic in 29 days brings you to a unique state of consciousness, in which the only color is gray and knowing the number of your hotel room in your current city, as opposed to the one two cities ago, is an achievement.

The world is not getting smaller. There is no direct flight from the United States to Singapore, and it took me 27 hours of elapsed travel to get there. 

There is a direct flight from Munich to Seoul, but since I started in Paris, that trip also took about 17 hours. 

Given how long Magellan took to circumnavigate the world, and the fact that he was killed in the Philippines, I have no ba…