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Mango board to host Nogales meeting

10/23/2014 08:15:00 AM
Doug Ohlemeier

As part of its national meetings, the National Mango Board is scheduling a domestic industry meeting in Nogales, Ariz., for Oct. 29.

This year, the Orlando, Fla.-based organization has been hosting meetings in the top U.S. mango importing port cities to provide industry members program updates, according to a news release.

Importers, wholesalers and others who handle mangoes are invited to attend the meetings.

The program includes Dennis Kihlstadius of Produce Technical Services discussing the “Ripe and Ready to Eat” mango initiative’s applications for stores and distribution centers.

A question and answer session is planned for the meeting.

For more information, contact Kristine Concepción, the board’s director of industry relations, at 407-629-7318, ext. 111 or at

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STRATFOR ANALYSIS : Evaluating Ebola as a Biological Weapon

Security Weekly

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2014 - 03:00

By Scott Stewart

Over the past few weeks, I've had people at speaking engagements ask me if I thought the Islamic State or some other militant group is using Ebola as a biological weapon, or if such a group could do so in the future. 

Such questions and concerns are not surprising given the intense media hype that surrounds the disease, even though only one person has died from Ebola out of the three confirmed cases in the United States. 

The media hype about the threat posed by the Islamic State to the United States and the West is almost as bad. 

Both subjects of all this hype were combined into a tidy package on October 20, when the Washington Post published an editorial by columnist Mark Thiessen in which he claimed it would be easy for a group such as the Islamic State to use Ebola in a terrorist attack. 

Despite Thiessen's claims, using Ebola as a biological warfare agent is much more difficult than it might appear at first blu…