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COSTA RICA : Police interrupt drug stickup, seize over 500 kg of cocaine




Some of the 573 kg of cocaine hidden in a truck and seized by Costa Rica’s real cops on Monday, Nov. 24, 2014.

(Courtesy Public Security Ministry)

It probably should have been a red flag for the drug trafficker that when two police officers tried to arrest him they were driving a Honda Civic.

On Monday morning, two Costa Rican National Police officers arrested several suspects accused of impersonating police officers as they attempted to steal 573 kilograms of cocaine from a suspected drug trafficker in Naranjo, Alajuela, in the northwestern Central Valley.

The fake cops – two Honduran citizens surnamed Cordero and Álvarez – were dressed as National Police and Drug Control Police (PCD) officers when they pulled over three trucks, one of which carried more than half a metric ton of cocaine. 

The impersonators, who drove a Honda Civic, according to the police report, handcuffed the three truck drivers when two real police officers stumbled onto the scene and ga…

US: Mango prices dipping as Ecuador Production peaks

Although shipments of mangoes from Brazil and Ecuador still trail behind those from last year, prices for those imported mangoes have dipped through the first weeks of November.

For the week ending on November 15, 2014, the average price for a flat of Tommy Atkins mangos at the Philadelphia port was $5.71, which is a decrease of 13 percent from the average price per flat from the previous week. 

Similarly, the average price for a flat of Tommy Atkins mangoes decreased from the previous week by 10 percent at both the South Florida entry point and the Southern California entry point.

By the week ending November 15, shipments from Brazil totaled 5.3 million boxes for the year, which is still trailing last year's shipments, which were 5.7 million boxes by the same week last year. 

Shipments from Ecuador have also trailed those from the previous year, with the total number of boxes shipped by November 15 at 4.0 million boxes for the year, while 5.4 million boxes had already been shipped by…

Nicaragua $50 bn canal construction to start in December

by Staff Writers

Managua (AFP) Nov 20, 2014

Nicaragua said a Hong Kong-based company will start building a $50 billion waterway next month, despite opposition from farmers and environmentalists against the mega-project aimed at rivaling the Panama Canal.

Hong Kong Nicaragua Development won the contract to build the waterway -- which will link the Caribbean and the Pacific. Presidential adviser Paul Oquist said initial groundwork will begin December 22.

He said environmental impact reports paid for by HKND would be completed before the start of construction.

The canal was designed to limit environmental and social effects, and construction will be staggered to minimize impact.

Water levels, fishing activity and biodiversity in Lake Cocibolca "will not be affected," said HKND deputy construction manager Pang Kwok Wai.

But environmentalists are worried about the effects of ship traffic on the health of Lake Cocibolca, the largest freshwater body in Central America.

Farmers have demonst…


Published on Oct 1, 2013

Revolutionary Change is Underway at the Port of Philadelphia!

The Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (PRPA) is an independent agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania charged with the management, maintenance, marketing, and promotion of publicly owned port facilities along the Delaware River in Philadelphia, as well as strategic planning in the port district. 

PRPA works with its terminal operators to modernize, expand, and improve its facilities, and to market those facilities to prospective port users. Port cargoes and the activities they generate are responsible for thousands of direct and indirect jobs in the Philadelphia area and throughout Pennsylvania.

FRESHBROKER : Peru mangoes perspectives for 2014/2015 season

for 2014/2015 season Published September 4th, 2014 by 

Published September 4th, 2014 by Freshbroker

Once in Peru, after Expoalimentaria 2014, Freshbroker Blog went also to Piura – capital of mangoes – to have an update of what’s going on with the production and what are the Peru mangoes perspectives for 2014/2015 season.

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After visiting some fields, packing houses as well as in conversation with many growers from San Lorenzo Valley, the main producing region in Piura, we came into the conclusion that the harvest will be delayed when compared to the previous season. 

Weather’s been colder than normal and, during the flowering, the cold nights were not regular either. That has caused a delay on bud’s maturation as well as differentiation within vegetative stems or flower.

Last season the harvest for Europe started with re…

Japan comes calling on mango import from India

Details of VHT facilities have been sought, to appoint a supervisor for inspection

Dilip Kumar Jha | Mumbai
November 24, 2014 Last Updated at 10:22 IST


Review likelier now on EU ban of Alphonso import

PM wants zero balance for electronics' import- export

Is it mango you are drinking?

EU may ban import of paan

Russia seeks to import Indian fruits, vegetables

In a significant change in the sentiment post Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Japan, the Japanese authority has expedited procedural obligations to step up mangoimport from India.

Advancing the process, Japanese quarantine authorities have sought details of  Vapor Heat Treatment  (VHT) facilities across Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, UP and West Bengal (mango imports are permitted from these states) to appoint a supervisor for inspection.

The VHT system is a non-chemical alternative to control and quarantine unwanted insects and fungi in perishable commodities and tropical fruits. Interestingly, the …

More markets for massive Australian mango crop

24 Nov, 2014 12

:24 PM

"I’m proud to be today unveiling the Strategic Export Plan for the Australian Mango Industry"


Lorenti takes back mango 'crown'

Big Mango stolen from Bowen

NBN a mango game-changer

MINISTER for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce and Northern Territory Minister for Primary Industries and Fisheries Willem Westra van Holthe visited a mango farm near Katherine, Northern Territory, last week, to speak to mango growers about new trade opportunities and to unveil the Strategic Export Plan for the Australian Mango Industry.

The ministers travelled to Pinata Farms’ most remote Honey Gold orchard.

“The Australian mango industry is booming. In 2012-13, Australian mango growers produced fruit valued at more than $93 million,”
Mr Joyce said.

“We’ve come a long way since the 1800s when the first mango plant found its way to Australia from its home country of India.

“But we’re always looking to expand and bring home better returns to the farmgate. That’s why I’m proud to …