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McKinsey & Company: Report shows Obesity is as Bad as Smoking & Armed Violence

Report| McKinsey Global Institute
How the world could better fight obesity

November 2014 | 

byRichard Dobbs, Corinne Sawers, Fraser Thompson, James Manyika, Jonathan Woetzel, Peter Child, Sorcha McKenna, and Angela Spatharou

Executive Summary PDF–725KB

Full Report PDF–2MB

Obesity is a critical global issue that requires a comprehensive, international intervention strategy. 

More than 2.1 billion people—nearly 30 percent of the global population—are overweight or obese.1

That’s almost two and a half times the number of adults and children who are undernourished. Obesity is responsible for about 5 percent of all deaths a year worldwide, and its global economic impact amounts to roughly $2 trillion annually, or 2.8 percent of global GDP—nearly equivalent to the global impact of smoking or of armed violence, war, and terrorism.

Implementing an Obesity Abatement Program

MGI’s Richard Dobbs and Corinne Sawers discuss how a holistic strategy, using a number of interventions, coul…

35 YEARS : King Mango Strut

December 28 @ 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm | Free

The King Mango Strut is a thirty-three year old beloved tradition, in Coconut Grove. This year, we will strut our stuff on Sunday, Dec. 28th, at 2:00 p.m., parading from Commodore Plaza to Main Highway to Grand Ave. Get there early, for a great viewing spot!

The Strut is a zany satirical parade that pokes fun at the news stories and personalities of the past year. 

Expect to see parodies of the news highlights, and your favorite (or least favorite) politicians and celebrities. 

The parade also features great music, with five live bands, which remain on the street for a great after-party, until 6:00 p.m., with lots of dancing in the streets. 

And, there is the Little Miss Mango/Little King Mango competition, where every kid wins, and gets to ride in the parade. Bring your child to Commodore Plaza at 1:00 p.m. to enter.


The parade is FREE, and family friendly.

We also w…

U.S. mango imports 11% lower due to weather conditions in Latin America

The United States' mango import volume has increased by 62% between 2005 and 2013, but this year the weather issues in Latin America have affected its usual growth.

"Peru, Ecuador and Brazil have all shown declines in exports to the United States this year, as the weather phenomenon El Niño has caused some problems with the crops,"
says Angela Serna, communications manager of the National Mango Board (NMB).


According to Leo Ortega, Research director of the NMB, taking into account the volume imported between January and September, the import volume in 2014 has decreased by approximately 11% compared to 2013 (366,905 versus 326,012 tonnes), mainly due to meteorological factors in Mexico and Brazil.

In the case of organic mangoes, the decline has been even stronger, with a 52% reduction in the import volume compared to 2013 in the period between January and September (52,949 versus 111,404 tonnes).

This drop in imports has not changed Mexico's position as the undisp…


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Lars Mikael Jensen: Asia is far from mainstream Europe

Only a few months ago, Lars Mikael Jensen was on his way to London to head the now failed P3-alliance. Today he has taken up the CEO position at Maersk Line´s Asia Pacific Office in Singapore. Here is his view of and plan for the crucial region.


Published 25.11.14 at 11:06

The mere appointment of Lars Mikael Jensen as CEO of the then yet-to-be P3-alliance between Maersk Line, MSC and CMA CGM caused a fuss at the offices of USA´s Federal Maritime Commission a year ago.

How could the alliance, before FMC had even made its review of the alliance, go public naming members of the management group. And how could P3, and in this case basically Maersk Line, designate London to host the headquarter of the operational center of the all…

The Islamic State Reshapes the Middle East

Geopolitical Weekly Tuesday, November 25, 2014 - 03:00 

Stratfor By George Friedman

Nuclear talks with Iran have failed to yield an agreement, but the deadline for a deal has been extended without a hitch. What would have been a significant crisis a year ago, replete with threats and anxiety, has been handled without drama or difficulty. This new response to yet another failure to reach an accord marks a shift in the relationship between the United States and Iran, a shift that can’t be understood without first considering the massive geopolitical shifts that have taken place in the Middle East, redefining the urgency of the nuclear issue.

These shifts are rooted in the emergence of the Islamic State. Ideologically, there is little difference between the Islamic State and other radical Islamic jihadist movements. But in terms of geographical presence, the Islamic State has set itself apart from the rest. While al Qaeda might have longed to take control of a significant nation-state, it p…

Russia: 21st Century Empire?

NOVEMBER 24, 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin has gone on record stating that the breakup of the Soviet Union was one of the worst catastrophes of the 20th century.

Putin’s statement—which is ominous in its own right—takes on an even more menacing tone in light of recent events in the nations of the former Soviet Union. The most obvious example is Ukraine’s conflict with Russia, which perhaps more than any other recent event in the region, has seized the attention of the West. During the last year, the conflict in Ukraine has come perilously close to a state of full-blown though undeclared war.

Looking back over the past 12 months, we’ve seen a seismic shift in the political makeup of the region. Russia has effectively annexed the Crimean Peninsula, which includes the city of Sevastopol, home of the Russian Black Sea Fleet—and critically, the Russian Navy’s only warm-water port. In the political sphere, Ukraine’s unpopular president, Viktor Yanukovych, abandoned his vast estate a…