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University of Guelph’s Food Institute gives Canada’s food safety performance top marks

Canada’s food safety performance scores high

A new report from the Conference Board of Canada and the University of Guelph’s Food Institute gives Canada’s food safety performance top marks

November 20, 2014

Deanna Rosolen

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Ottawa – Canada’s food safety performance has earned a top spot in a new ranking.

The 2014 World Ranking Food Safety Performance report says Canada’s food  safety performance ranks first, followed by Ireland and France. 

The report was produced by The Conference Board of Canada’s Centre for Food in Canada in collaboration with the University of Guelph’s Food Institute.
“Canada’s excellent grades in most food safety performance metrics were due to its consistently low number of food-borne illness cases and reported recalls, Canada’s new policy on allergen labelling and a greater focus on transparency,”
says Dr. Jean-Charle…

ECUADOR : X FESTIVAL DEL MANGO 2014 (Jardin Botanico de Guayaquil)

AUSTRALIA : Strong winds leave Gascoyne growers picking mangoes from the ground

ABC Rural By Lucie Bell

Updated about 10 hours ago

Wed 26 Nov 2014, 9:14pm PHOTO: Eddie Smith estimates 15 per cent of his unripe mango crop is on the ground, after strong winds. (Lucie Bell)

MAP: Carnarvon 6701

Recent blustering winds have taken their toll on some growers' crops in Western Australia's Gascoyne region.

At Calypso Plantation in Carnarvon, mangoes are littered beneath the trees and are starting to rot on the ground.
Owner Eddie Smith grows six varieties but says it's his R2E2s which have taken the hardest hit with the weather.
"We had three days of 60 to 70 kilometre/hour winds and the old trees are struggling to carry as it is because of the water situation," he said.
"The bulk of my crop is the R2E2s, I call them our bread and butter fruit, they basically carry this place.
"So we had a wind thinning process and I reckon I lost pretty close to 15 per cent of my R2E2s, on our other varieties it wasn't quite as bad."
Mr Smith says whi

Total Exotics first Ecuadorian Kent Mangoes

Ecuadorian Vice Minister for Trade present in Rotterdam to receive fresh shipment

The first of this season's Ecuador Kent mangoes arrived this morning at Total Exotics. These arrived via air freight into The Netherlands.

Mr Juan Francisco Ballén, Vice Minister of Trade, and Mr Juan Patricio Navarro, Director of Pro-Ecuador Rotterdam, were on hand to receive the first shipment. 

Mr Juan Francisco Ballén, Hennie van Es and Juan Patricio Navarro

The Ecuador mango season runs from November until the end of January, which will allow a smooth transition into the Peruvian season.

Hennie Van Es, Sourcing & Trading Director at Total Exotics stated, "The arrival of the Ecuador mangoes is especially nice this year as the Peruvian supply will be 30 days late due to weather conditions in Peru and they won't arrive until the end of January."

The Brazilian supply has also been disrupted due to the climate this season, "There are Brazilian mangoes on the market but people are lo…