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ROUBINI: The Mother Of All Asset Bubbles Will Burst In 2016


DEC. 5, 2014, 7:55 PM 

REUTERS/Gus RuelasNouriel Roubini

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ROUBINI: America Is A Sick, Sick Country

In February 2013, NYU professor Nouriel Roubini made the call that US markets had entered the "mother of all asset bubbles."

With the rally in stocks that we've seen this year and a surge in high-yield debt issuance, Roubini said we're now at the midpoint of the bubble, in an interview with Yahoo Finance.

Next year may see more gains across markets, but the bubble, bigger than the one before the 2008 recession, will pop in 2016.

Because there is low growth, and low inflation in much of the world, there is liquidity that's leading to asset inflation, Roubini said:

"I think that this frothiness that we have seen in financial markets is likely to continue, from…

How the World Can Fight Global Warming, No Matter What Happens in Lima

By David Biello | December 2, 2014 |

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

Imagine if the world’s two largest polluters unilaterally decide to cut emissions of carbon dioxide, the ubiquitous gas responsible for the bulk of global warming. 

At the same time, a major developing country admits that future growth will have to be balanced with CO2 pollution limits.

 Meanwhile, an industrialized nation country takes responsibility for the layer of greenhouse gases it has already added to the atmosphere.

Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

Even better, alternatives to burning fossil fuels to generate electricity or propel vehicles get cheap and begin to be deployed at significant scale. 

The clearing and cutting of the world’s forests slows. Even farmers who don’t particularly believe in climate change begin to take steps to restore carbon to depleted soils to boost fertility.

That’s what significant action to combat climate change


Understanding Juice Raw Material Production, Export Trends, Legislations and Consumer Choices in Latin AmericaComprendiendo la producción de materias primas para jugos, la evolución de las exportaciones, la legislación y las preferencias del consumidor en América Latina

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Actualmente en su 12° edición,Juice Latin America es un evento imprescindible para la comunidad regional y mundial de jugos. La agenda de 2015 junto con las oportunidades de ponencia y networki…


How Organized Crime & Corruption Intersect in Latin America

Written by Jeremy McDermott

Thursday, 04 December 2014

ColombiaMexicoParaguayVenezuelaTools and DataElites and Organized Crime

As Transparency International publishes its annual rankings on corruption, InSight Crime looks at how corruption is impacted in Latin America by one of its most powerful promoters: organized crime.

In order to facilitate business, organized crime groups corrupt certain elements of the state -- particularly the security forces and the judiciary. Organized crime has also shown an interest in infiltrating the political arena in many parts of the region.

Non-governmental organization Transparency International (TI) has been releasing an annual ranking of the world's most corrupt countries since 1995 -- although the number of countries surveyed, and the methodology used for doing so, has changed over time, meaning that the more recent rankings are not comparable with the earlier ones. The NGO gives each country a score based on "how corrupt their public sector…

Gobierno de Venezuela “raspa la olla” y vende parte de su deuda petrolera a precios rídiculos


by Carlos Vilchez Navamuel

• 4 diciembre, 2014 •

El Nuevo Herald de Miami publicó el día 01-12-14 una noticia que refleja la situación económica y financiera que padece Venezuela, los chavistas deben estar preocupados, su revolución se cae a pedazos, el título del artículo nadie lo podría haber pronosticado jamás: “Venezuela vende con descuento parte de su deuda petrolera a Goldman Sachs”

Extasiados de poder, comprando conciencias por doquier en el Caribe y América del Sur durante más de 14 años a cambio de votos en organizaciones internacionales, aquél gobierno chavista que empezó el difunto Hugo Chávez está por desmoronarse, recibieron más de un millón de millones de dólares en petróleo, no ahorraron en la bonanza como lo hicieron los otros países productores de ese producto y el resultado está a la vista.

El periódico estadounidense nos informó que el gobierno de Venezuela se ha visto obligado a vender parte de sus facturas petroleras y nos explica que“Acorralado por los p…