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Here Is A Simple Way Of Seeing Who Gets Screwed Most As Oil Tumbles


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DEC. 11, 2014, 10:05 AM 

Oil is crashing. On Thursday, WTI crude oil was falling again, moving back below $61 a barrel. 

Much has been made of the "breakeven" oil price for the world's drilling projects. This is the level at which the price of oil covers the cost of extracting the oil.

A simpler way to look at when the biggest oil players will start feeling the squeeze from lower prices is the "cash cost."

"Without OPEC action, an outage, or other response, cash cost is the only true floor,"
Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Longson said.

Cash cost is basically what it takes to keep oil production going, not what it takes to make oil production profitable or for a government to hit its budget projection. If you drop below your cash cost on a project, you've got to turn out the lights.

As you can see on the far right, the Canadian oil sands and the US shale basins are very expensive to tap. 

Meanwhile in the Middle East, the Saudis, t…

The 35 Most Powerful Militaries In The World


Sergei Karpukhin/REUTERSRussian servicemen march during the Victory Day parade in Moscow's Red Square May 9, 2014.

There's only one real way to compare military strength, and thankfully the world hasn't had many opportunities lately.

Despite the potential powder keg in the South China Sea, standoffs in Ukraine, and proxy wars throughout the Middle East, inter-state warfare between the world's military powers has been all but banished from the global scene (for the time being, at least).

For a simpler evaluation of military power, we turned to the Global Firepower Index, a ranking of 106 nations based on more than 50 factors including overall military budget, available manpower, and the amount of equipment each country has in its respective arsenal, as well as access to natural resources.

The index focuses on quantity, ignoring significant qualitative differences — North Korea's 78 submarines, for instance, aren't exactly s…

A NEW VISION FOR THE MANGO INDUSTRY : Six Sigma Specializations – Tailoring a Six Sigma Program to Your Industry

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When Six Sigma first hit the scene, it was a one size fits all solution. 

At its core, the principles of the Six Sigma really can reverberate across all industries. 

The idea of applying a standard deviation from the mean to evaluate the level of customer service you are providing works for everyone. 

Judging the deviation of a product or a process gives you an idea of how well that product or process is working. 

By adopting guidelines that demand near flawless performance, you can rest assured that the products are you providing for your customers are almost guaranteed to be perfect and the procedures you are using behind the scenes to run your business are as effective as they can be.

These principles may have wide reverberations throughout business in general, but it is the application of Six Sigma techniques that can differ from industry to industry. 

After all, can a system for evaluating an industry whose main focus is product production be eq…

DOUBLE HAPPINESS : Vegetable cultivation inside mango orchards appears profitable in Tangail

Our Correspondent, Tangail

Delwar who is a post graduated first ever adopted the profession nine years ago as the locals thought that mango farming would not be much profitable

Md Delwar Hossain, a successful mango farmer of Sakhipur upazila here, has recently been trying to cultivate different sorts of vegetables in the blank spaces in his mango orchard in a bid to making maximum use and profit from the land.

Delwar who is a post graduated first ever adopted the profession nine years ago as the locals thought that mango farming would not be much profitable.

He planted two thousands of mango sapling on a 13-acre land and in course of time it was extended to 77-acre and he earns Tk50-60 lakh each year by selling mango.

But this year, he has partially cultivated cauliflower, cabbage and turnip, tomato and different sorts of vegetables in his orchard to ensure ultimate use of the land as the move will bring extra profit for him. 

Even, there was a mustard seed bed of 2-acre.

When contacted, Del…

Grounded MSC Containership in Terneuzen Blocks Port of Antwerp

BY  ON DECEMBER 12, 2014 MSC Rachelle file photo (c)

AMSTERDAM, Dec 12 (Reuters) – Traffic for large ships heading towards the Belgian port of Antwerp was temporarily blocked on Friday after a giant container ship ran aground outside the Dutch port of Terneuzen downstream from the Belgian harbour, emergency services said.