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23 de diciembre de 2014 | 07:00:00


Managua, Nicaragua |

Wang Jing promete pagar bien las tierras


En su alocución, Wang Jing intentó calmar los ánimos de la población que protesta contra el canal: “Se pagarán indemnizaciones de manera justa, abierta, transparente”, dijo

Por Matilde Córdoba | País

Wang Jing en Rivas. AFP / END

Wang Jing, presidente de la concesionaria HKND, aseguró anoche durante el inicio de las obras auxiliares del Canal Interoceánico, que las tierras por donde pasará la ruta canalera se pagarán “según principios de mercado”, en momentos en los que pobladores de Rivas y Nueva Guinea protestan porque se niegan a vender sus propiedades.

Wang Jing, President of the Construction firm in charge of the Nicaragua canal said last night that land along the proposed route would be purchased according to fair market practices. Landholders were not interested in selling their property to the canal project.

“Se pagarán indemnizaciones según princip…

IKO-IKO will Headline the 2014 King Mango Strut in Coconut Grove

IKO-IKO has a three county tour coming up this weekend. 

Friday night you will find us at The Q Blues Bar in Ft. Lauderdale Showtime 9pm. 

Saturday night we will be hosting the Holiday festivities at the Burgee Bar in Ocean Reef , Key Largo 10pm and on Sunday afternoon our favorite show of the year! 

The King Mango Strut at 2pm in Coconut Grove.

We need volunteers to join us in the parade for a tribute to Tobacco Road

If you'd like to be a part of the show meet me on Commodore Plaza at 1pm. and then stay for the street dance with IKO-IKOI, Mr. Nice Guy, the 18 Wheelers and more!

The parade begins with the dropping of the banana at 2:00 p.m., at Commodore Plaza and Main Highway, runs to Grand Avenue, makes a hard left, and heads back to Commodore. 

Early arrival is suggested to get the best viewing spots. 

Children who want to participate in the Little Miss Mango and Little King Mango pageant and ride the float should arrive at Commodore Plaza by 1 p.m. (no special outfits needed). 

The p…