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STRATFOR ANALYSIS : The Top Four Events in 2014

Geopolitical Weekly

DECEMBER 30, 2014 | 09:00 GMT

By George Friedman

'Tis the season to make lists, and a list shall be made. We tend to see each year as extraordinary, and in some senses, each year is. 

But in a broader sense, 2014 was merely another year in a long chain of human triumph and misery. Wars have been waged, marvelous things have been invented, disease has broken out, and people have fallen in love. 

Nonetheless, lists are called for, and this is my list of the four most important events of 2014.

1: Europe's Persistent Decline
The single most important event in 2014 was one that did not occur: Europe did not solve its longstanding economic, political and social problems. I place this as number one because regardless of its decline, Europe remains a central figure in the global system. The European Union's economy is the largest in the world, taken collectively, and the Continent remains a center of global commerce, science and culture. Europe's inability to solv…


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Giant ships put pressure on South American ports


The rate of ever-larger ships on the north and southbound container route has, according to APM Terminals, surpassed even the most optimistic expectations, reports the Journal of Commerce.

Published 26.09.14 at 13:39

Hamburg Süd's new container ships, the so-called Cap San class (photo), with a capacity of 9,700 teu each - making them the largest reefer vessels in the world - seem to illustrate the current pressure on the several South American ports that are feeling the explosive growth in ship sizes.

"Everyone talks about the increase in the size of ships in the east-west trades, but on a percentage basis, the biggest increases have been in the north-south trades,"Neil Davidson, senior analyst for ports and terminals at Drewry Mar…

2015 will be a battle for the biggest container ships

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Photo: UASC


Maersk Line launched the battle for new mega-ships back in 2011, but the coming months will bring numerous contenders for the title of operating the biggest container ship in the world.

Published 30.12.14 at 12:31

2015 will become a de facto race among the oceangoing container carriers toward using the biggest ships ever handled by the industry, says Alphaliner in an analysis of the new ships set for delivery in the coming year.

Since June 2013, when Maersk Line's first Triple-E ship, the Maersk McKinney-Møller, was delivered from the yard, numerous contenders have emerged in the fight to claim the title as "the world's biggest" in terms of container capacity.

Maersk Line has so far taken delivery of 13 of the total 20 ships in the Triple-E series. T…