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A Narrative on Guruji
June 21, 2010 14:11

Recently, I have been getting a lot of email asking me if I have, in fact, written several endorsements for the work of a spiritual teacher, Mr. Trivedi ("Guruji" to his friends and students), and if so, why?

The answer is yes (see the full essay below), and the reason is based entirely on direct, specific, scientific evidence. This evidence is so astonishing that I myself have never seen anything quite like it. 

Is Guruji "enlightened"

Well, you can meet him and decide that issue for yourself. 

What I am claiming—and supporting—is that Guruji's capacity to conduct and transmit universal spiritual energy (or "shakti") is utterly remarkable, as proven by scientific experiments themselves.

 It is these direct, specific, scientific experiments and their results that I am reporting, and on which I am basing my endorsement. This is a scientific conclusion, not a spiritual one (although, of course, you are free to make those as well—but I am reporting the direct science, which is indeed astonishing).

To put it briefly, Mr. Trivedi has an empirically demonstrated capacity to alter the atomic and molecular structure of phenomena simply through his conscious intentionality. 

The number of experiments done on this capacity (known in Sanskrit as shaktipat) that have been done in coordination with Mr. Trivedi is quite extraordinary—so far, over 5,000 empirical studies by universities and scientific research organizations all over the world (including the world renowned materials scientist Dr. Rustum Roy at the University of Pennsylvania).

 A very brief sampling of these experiments include:

Dr. Rustum Roy is a world renown scholar/researcher of impeccable credentials in materials science (at the University of Pennsylvania). Experiments in his laboratory showed, according to Dr. Roy, "Mr. Trivedi's capacity to alter the very structure of water molecules"—among other minerals and elemental molecules. 

Dr. Roy is now a very strong advocate of Guruji's shaktipat capacities—based, again, on direct experimental science—and has attended and helped coordinate several conferences showcasing Guruji's capacities.

crops ("blessed" is the word Mr. Trivedi uses to indicate the action of his intentionality in consciousness to bring about the desired change in the blessed object) show yields up to an astonishing 500% higher than a field of the same (but unblessed) crops lying right next to it. Seeing photos of these fields is actually rather hard to believe. 

The blessed half of the field (in this case, a mango field) looks like the Amazon Rainforest, with lush green vegetation everywhere; the other half of the field (the unblessed half) looks straggly, thin, and pale.

Likewise, blessed crops show almost 0% infection by harmful viruses and bacteria, compared to over 80% infection rates in the (unblessed) field next to them 

(just as astonishing, this is reversible: the "blessed" field can be "unblessed," resulting in major crop infections)
in some cases, viral loads in mammals are reduced by up to 99.8% (including hepatitis b and c and cytomegalovirus)
significantly altered bacterial sensitivity to antibiotics (including "superbugs")
aspects of genus and species altered in bacteria
in material sciences research, the mass and size of the atom, as well as the energy within and between atoms, was significantly altered by "blessing" activity

Although the following results are only anecdotal, there have been over 50,000 reported cases of human healing. 

Although these are not scientifically determined, I mention them simply as an indication of possibilities. Scientific tests are now officially being conducted.

In any event, it is, as I said, simply and solely the results of these scientific experiments that have lead to my endorsement of Guruji's rather extraordinary capacity for shaktipat, or the transmission of a universal bioenergy with the capacity to alter material structure all the way to the atomic and molecular levels. 

Especially if you see photos of these results, you can't help but be struck by the rather intense capacity for this transmission demonstrated by Guruji. 

Most people receiving a blessing from Guruji can feel a direct and powerful jolt—if you get a chance, try it and see for yourself.

 But, to say it one last time, it is the direct results of scientific experiments upon which I base my endorsement, and I suggest you check out those results for yourself and see. They are truly quite remarkable.

A Narrative on Guruji
by Ken Wilber

This is a short account of what appears to be the emergence of a new form of Life Energy. This Energy is presently being transmitted by an individual affectionately known as Guruji, in a process he calls "blessing." The results of this transfer are rather remarkable, as demonstrated by empirical testing on items such as plant growth and human health.

My understanding of this Life Energy and the process of "blessing" is that, as many theorists have already noted, we seem to have entered a new evolutionary epoch on Earth and in humankind's history. There have been important major transformations in the past including foraging (with an archaic worldview), horticultural (with a magic worldview), agrarian (with a mythic worldview), industrial (with a modern worldview), and informational (with a postmodern worldview).

Several of us have been predicting for some time that a significant new transformation is beginning on Earth at this time. Various psychological tests and sociological indications tend to show that there is the beginning emergence of a new type of consciousness. It's been referred to as integrative or integral or truly holistic. According to Integral Theory, every state or type of consciousness is accompanied by a specific type of energy (gross physical energy, subtle bioenergy, causal spiritual energy), and so the emergence of this new consciousness should be accompanied by a new degree of energy along that spectrum.

This is in accord with Guruji's own account. According to him, the Earth has entered a new Energy Field, which completely surrounds the earth and all its inhabitants, an Energy that is occurring at a significantly higher frequency than the previous Earth energy. All life forms on this planet are therefore, at this time, "out of sync" with this New Energy. Guruji's "blessing" transmission acts to recalibrate the individual (or plant or animal or whatever is blessed) with this New (and spiritual) Energy, and this results in numerous benefits, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In other words, it might be that the Energy that Guruji is working with is the energetic support or correlate of this new Integral transformation. And that's really pretty extraordinary. It's pretty amazing that that might be happening.

With blessings, many people report that they can literally feel an increase in the restructuring of the cells, an increase in energy, a kind of transformation of all of the human bodies-gross, subtle, causal—and these feel like, to me, that they are very much a correlate of this overall integral consciousness that is starting to emerge around the globe.

It is indeed a global situation-a new consciousness with a new and corresponding Life Energy. Having somebody who can directly transmit the corresponding energy of this transformation is pretty amazing . This would account for the fairly dramatic reports of people all over the world who have experienced this "blessing." It's shaktipat raised to a new evolutionary level.

I mentioned how I thought that this energy was newly emerging with this new stage of evolution. That it was a new evolutionary emergent in the past ten, fifteen, twenty years. And also that we seem to be seeing, in other dimensions of human beings, the emergence of more integral levels of consciousness and awareness. There are psychological tests for this and sociological tests for this, and right now there's only about four percent of the population that's moving into these integral areas, but that's starting to increase.

The point is that various psychological and sociological tests have verified the emergence of a new level of consciousness-again, one generally referred to as " integrative" or " integral." In other words, this is not just some hair-brained academic theory, but a reality disclosed by specific testing. What hasn't been disclosed is the new Life Energy that would be expected to underlie this new level of consciousness (what Integral Theory calls the Upper-Right quadrant aspect that would correlate with the newly emergent Upper-Left quadrant reality). But it is this new Integral energy that seems to be what Guruji is transmitting.

The results of empirical tests of this blessing are quite remarkable, and have so far been done on everything from mineral structures to microbes to agriculture to human health. In agriculture, for example, a blessed field of fruit shows up to 300% increased yield compared to a field next to it that is unblessed, and more astonishingly, the blessed field-without the use of any pesticides-is entirely free of bacterial or viral infection (versus close to 100% infection in the unblessed field). Similar results have come in for everything from the structure of bacteria to human illnesses. Clearly, this is all in the initial stages of testing and development, but the results so far are literally staggering (especially if you see photos of this for yourself).

So how should we view this phenomenon? 

Evolution itself is a process of creating greater and greater and greater unity. Thus, it starts out with quarks, which are then joined together into atoms, which are then joined together into molecules, which are then joined together into cells, which are then joined together into organisms so that each step of evolution is an increase in a capacity for unity.

 The same thing happens in human growth and development, where individuals grow from egocentric stages of awareness ("me") to ethnocentric stages ("us") to world centric stages ("all of us"). And, as I mentioned, in the past ten or fifteen years there's been a new type of consciousness that has begun to emerge around the world. It's generally referred to as an integral consciousness, and it represents a further increase in unity and in the number of things that it can unify, the number of perspectives that it can take into account (reaching, by some tests, into a 5th-person perspective).

What we haven't seen is the corresponding energy that's driving this. My opinion is that the Life Energy, that is, the new degree of Life Energy that Guruji is transmitting, might very well be that energy. Of course, more testing needs to be done (and is being done at this time), but the initial results are very promising. And if so, one of the main things it's going to be able to do is not only recalibrate human energy to match this new level of energy that's starting to emerge around the earth, but also see this energy be able to create greater unities.

One of the unifications that will be most interesting in human beings seems to be the ability to unify the sub-conscious rear brain with the self-conscious fore brain . As Guruji explains it, the rear brain operates particularly during the first six years of life, and then during the next six years, up to age twelve, the fore brain increasingly takes over. But these can, and often are, out of sync. And no amount of medication, and no amount of meditation, and no amount of faith-healing can unify these two, can get them in sync, according to Guruji. Except, according to Guruji, blessing-or a direct infusion of this New Life energy into the organism.

If so, I think that's a really important example of the increasing unity that might be coming our way with this new turn in evolution. Because having the subcomponents of the brain out of sync is directly or indirectly responsible for most of humanity's problems. From Plato to modern psychotherapy, the conclusion is the same: humanity on the whole suffers from an interior civil war, with its lower and higher natures constantly at battle. So we're not going to have a truly unified humanity until we have a unified brain system, and then until the human organism itself is in sync with this new evolutionary Earth Energy. Guruji constantly explains that what he's doing is recalibrating the individual organism to this new planet-wide Energy that has emerged, and that human beings so far are not in unity with.

Once the individual has become in touch with this new level of bioenergy, that Energy acts, according to Guruji, as a new blueprint for the entire body, and it begins the recalibration and re-organization of virtually every fragmentation and dysfunction found in the system. If so, then this new evolutionary Energy indeed brings a new unity and coherence to everything it touches, gross, subtle, or causal, thus bringing the organism into alignment for this new transformation and evolutionary unfolding.

So I think that's one way of viewing this phenomenon, and the results that are occurring in its wake. A new and higher level of consciousness (integrally and spiritually driven) is beginning to emerge, and it is driven and supported by a new and higher level of bioenergy (subtle/ causal). One of the main ways humans can contact this new Energy is through a transmission from someone who is already in touch with this Energy, and this is something that Guruji's "blessings" are an example of. Once in touch with this new evolutionary Energy, the structure of the organism itself is profoundly reorganized to be in harmony with this Energy, and thus in health and harmony with itself.

This doesn't mean that this new Energy is for everyone. Guruji constantly repeats that there is just a relatively small percentage of humans that are ready for and open to it. In developmental terms, individuals must grow and develop through the first 5 major levels of transformation before they are ready for the newly emergent 6th level, to speak generally. According to psychological testing, this is presently less than 10% of the world's population, but that percentage is increasing, and can be expected to increase even more when and if this new Energy is increasingly made available.

Guruji says that individuals have to be open for this, and I think that's exactly right. You can't force people to be free. It's a choice they have to make, if they have evolved enough. Not even God can force a human to be free. That would just defeat the whole purpose. So whatever percentage of people are actually open to this-ten percent, twenty percent, fifty percent, whatever-we'll find out. But if there is a really strong doubt and negativity, then it doesn't surprise me that this transmission doesn't have a chance. So right now we're waiting to see the percentage of people that can become open to this type of transmission.

One of the important things to increase acceptance of this transmission is the type of hard scientific research and experiments that Guruji is doing - on mineral structure, microbes, plants, human illness. Because he's quite right, the God of the modem West is science. And if we can prove the structural power of this new Energy using science then that's going to help erase a lot of the doubt and negativity that is just inherently there. Most people just don't believe this kind of thing can happen - most people are even unaware of the existence of bioenergy, even though the contemplative traditions have been pointing to it for millennia. So I think this is exactly the right course to take, in order to get this new evolutionary development available to as many people as are ready to receive it.

So, that's kind of a short summary of how I would see this New Energy, and how it fits with evolution, and its basic job of increasing unity and resonance on the planet-a new and higher blueprint. Whether or not it finds a welcome home, we shall certainly have to wait and see.

In short, it's possible that this blueprint is the blueprint of this new worldwide Divine life energy. So it's not just Guruji's ideas. He's just the conduit; he's just the connection between this literally Divine Life Force, in its new emergence, in its new evolutionary form. And like I said, several major human transformations have occurred four or five times in the past, going from foraging to horticulture to agrarian to industrial to informational. I believe there is a subtle energetic shift with each of those and I believe that this is possibly the next shift, and it's the next form of Spirit's own unfolding, of Spirit's own energy. And for whatever reason, that I don't think even Guruji understands, he got tapped on the shoulder to be a main conduit for this. In all ages past it's gotten transferred to human beings one way or another, and blessing appears to be one of the main ways that this new blueprint is being transmitted to those that are open for it. Again, much awaits more testing, but so far, this is incredibly promising. So stay tuned!

Ken Wilber

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