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Stage 5 - Bikes: Marc Coma takes the lead in a super exciting stage. / toma el liderazgo en una etapa más que emocionante.


Stage 5 - Bikes: Marc Coma wins Stage 5! / gana la Etapa 5!

1. Marc Coma
2. Joan Barreda +2m16s
3. Pablo Quintanilla +2m40s

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Stage 5 - Cars: @Vladimir Vasilyev left some pilots astonished! / dejó a varios pilotos estupefactos!

1. Vladimir Vasilyev
2. Yazeed Alrajhi +20s
3. Robby Gordon +1m25s

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Stage 5 - Quads: Crushing victory for Rafal Sonik! Victoria redundante para Rafal Sonik!

1. Rafal Sonik
2. Ignacio Casale +10m51s
3. Jeremías Gonzalez Ferioli +21m41s

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As oil prices fall, Latin America and China get cozier

Bilateral trade between China and Latin America has grown 20-fold over the past decade, and China has made more than $100 billion in loans in the region.

By Jim Wyss, McClatchy 

JANUARY 8, 2015

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BOGOTA — As plummeting oil prices are battering Latin American economies, the region's leaders are gathering this week in the one country that many see as a lifeline: China.

On Thursday, at least 22 foreign ministers, three presidents and one prime minister will be in Beijing for the first ministerial meeting of China and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), which includes every country in the Americas except the United States and Canada.

Bilateral trade between China and the region has grown 20-fold over the last decade, and China has made more than $100 billion in loans to the hemisphere's nations and companies, according to the Inter-American Dialogue.

 In 2010, China's $37 billion in funding was more than the World Bank, Inter-Amer…


Mike Cavallero to receive Lifetime Achievement Award from United Fresh

by John Groh | January 08, 2015

In an age when people change companies and careers at the drop of a hat, Mike Cavallero stands out for having spent his entire professional career with a single company while emphasizing teamwork over personal accomplishments. And that was a big reason he was selected as the fifth recipient of the United Fresh Produce Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

“During the entirety of Mike’s career, he was always such a low-key guy, always working behind the scenes for the better of Dole and the industry,” said Tom Stenzel, president and chief executive officer of United Fresh.

Mike Cavallero, who spent the entirety of his 40-year career at Dole before retiring in June, in a 2008 photo showing Dole bananas carrying the ‘More Matters’ sticker. Cavallero was to be named the fifth recipient of the United Fresh Lifetime Achievement Award Jan. 13 at the United Fresh Winter Leadership Meeting in…