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STAGE TWELVE : 2015 DAKAR RALLY (Termales to Rosario, Argentina)

Photo Frederic Le Floch / DPPI - Rallye Raid - Dakar 2015 Argentina Bolivia Chile - 16/01/2015 - Rosario, Argentina - Stage 12 / Etape 12 - Termas Rio Hondo to Rosario - 21 JAKES Ivan (Svk) Ktm action — atRosario.

ASO/ Andre Lavadinho — at Rosario.

Photo Frederic Le Floch / DPPI - Rallye Raid - Dakar 2015 Argentina Bolivia Chile - 16/01/2015 - Rosario, Argentina - Stage 12 / Etape 12 - Termas Rio Hondo to Rosario - 501 DE ROOY Gerard (Nld) RODEWALD Darek (Nld) DAMEN Jurgen (Bel) Iveco action — atRosario.

Photo Frederic Le Floch / DPPI - Rallye Raid - Dakar 2015 Argentina Bolivia Chile - 16/01/2015 - Rosario, Argentina - Stage 12 / Etape 12 - Termas Rio Hondo to Rosario - 308 GORDON Robby (Usa) Hummer action— at Rosario.

Saudi Arabia Unveils Badass Anti-ISIS Wall That Makes U.S. Border Look Like Swiss Cheese



The oldest way to defend land is through a physical barrier, such as a wall. Yet some Americans dispute the efficacy of a wall when defending our southern border against infiltration from either illegal immigrants or terrorists.

One country is not buying into that notion: Saudi Arabia.

Last week, a Saudi general was killed in a skirmish with ISIS at the border with Iraq, along which Saudi Arabia is constructing a 600-mile-long wall:

Image Credit: UPI

The prospect of this wall separating Iraq from Saudi Arabia is not a welcome one for ISIS, whose goals include capturing Saudi Arabia – home to the Holy Mosques of Mecca and Medina.

Saudi Arabia’s oil fields are another key strategic goal for the terror group intent on creating a Sharia-run caliphate.

Construction began on the wall last September and, according to Jane’s,

“…consists of 78 monitoring towers, eight command centers, 10 mobile surveillance vehicles, 32 rapid-response cente…



Local mangoes declared pest-free

By Anna Leah G. Estrada 

| Jan. 16, 2015 at 11:35pm

The government on Friday declared Philippine mango free from mango seed weevil, a development that can open more export markets for the country’s top fruit commodity.


The mango pulp weevil, or Sternochetus mangiferae, causes black or grayish scales on the fruit that affect its quality and taste.

Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala said in an administrative circular that except for Palawan, the Philippines was now also free from mango pulp weevil.

“The absence of both pests [except MPW in Palawan] can result in the expansion of mango exports to countries which require area freedom from these weevils,”Alcala said.

Alcala said he ordered the Bureau of Plant Industry to strengthen and strictly implement phytosanitary measures in Palawan.

“The movement, transfer and carrying of mango planting materials, fruits or parts thereof from Palawan is hereby prohibited, except for limited quantities and for experime…

New Cuba rules could flood island with U.S.-made goods

Alan Gomez, USA TODAY

9:40 a.m. EST January 16, 2015

USA TODAY Reporter Alan Gomez discusses the new amendment President Obama issued on Thursday allowing U.S. citizens to visit Cuba and how people can apply. 

(Photo: Jose Goitia, AP)

MIAMI — As many Americans wonder how quickly they can travel to Cuba under new rules announced by the White House, business owners are more focused on how many products they could start shipping to the island.

One of the surprises in the rules that go into effect Friday allows U.S. companies to sell "tools, equipment, supplies and instruments for use by private-sector entrepreneurs" in Cuba.

Those who've done business with Cuba were surprised Thursday by the vague — and permissive — wording by the Commerce and Treasury Departments that seems to allow Americans to sell anything from scissors to private barber shops to tractors to private farmers.

"I don't think any of us expected something quite as wide as this," 
said Ron Oleynik, wh…


Mango Crop Report Alert  from the
National Mango Board

The Mango Crop Report from the National Mango Board has been updated. Click here to see the newest Mango Crop Report. Please note - after you click on the link, you may need to refresh the page to see the most current report.   

Mango Market News

Mango volume shipped on week ending 1/10/15 was approximately 781,564 boxes. 

Ecuador Mango Crop Information

The Ecuadorian season began in October and will run until January with a projection of approximately 8.6 million boxes.
Ecuador's main varieties are Tommy Atkins (65%), Kent (18%) and Ataulfo (15%)

Volume shipped on week ending 1/10/15 Volume shipped from Ecuador was approximately 96,192 boxes for a total of 8,964,146 boxes.
Comparison to the same week last year is not available.

Average price on week ending 1/10/15 Tommy Atkins weekly average price per box at the South Florida entry port was $8.95. Comparison to last week is not available.
Compared to the same week last year, Tommy Atkin…

Mexican firebrands mount call for self-rule: 'It’s time for the people to take power'

Away from the spotlight of protests over the disappearance of 43 student teachers, Guerrero may prove a much more serious challenge to state authority

 A community police officer looks on at the Ayotzinapa Teacher Training College before leaving for Iguala with the relatives of the 43 missing trainee teachers, in Tixtla, Guerrero. Photograph: Jorge Dan Lopez/Reuters

Jo Tuckman in Tecoanapa

Friday 16 January 2015 08.24 EST

Milling around the front steps of the town hall, about 20 men with shotguns began the night watch sipping coffee from styrofoam cups and munching cakes.

The atmosphere was relaxed, but the message was one of revolution.

“It’s time for the people to take power,” said Jésus, one of the guards.

“The government has not been able to fulfill its role – and the people are waking up.”

Over the past three months, dozens of town halls across Mexico’s southern state of Guerrero have been taken o…