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Eryvan Pires, Fruitmarket:

"Mango market situation differs from last year"

The mango market is currently under-supplied. Fewer volumes are coming in from Peru and Brazil. 

The Brazilian season has nearly come to an end, and Peru began later. 

Both countries were only able to ship small numbers in the first three weeks of the year. "Prices are rather high because of this," says Eryvan Pires of Fruitmarket.

"And that will continue for a few weeks, because until week 6, shipments from Peru will be very limited. This means the market has controlled volumes until week 9."

Good prices

The prices are about 25% above the annual average. 

Eryvan is satisfied with the price levels. "This is good for all parties involved: growers, importers and consumers. When prices go down too much, only the traders profit, while the grower suffers."

Big contrast

Eryvan explains that mango is a biennial crop:

"One year there is too much, the next year less comes in. But the we…

US West Coast marine terminals suspend Monday vessel shifts to reduce backlog

Bill Mongelluzzo, Senior Editor

| Jan 19, 2015 8:53AM EST

U.S. West Coast marine terminals will suspend vessel operations on all shifts Monday so they can concentrate their resources on clearing containers from the dangerously congested facilities, the Pacific Maritime Association reported Sunday.

PMA spokesman Steve Getzug said marine terminals continue to experience severe congestion “due to the ILWU’s on-going slowdowns.”

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union responded that the PMA is causing terminal congestion by suspending vessel operations at West Coast ports.

“The idea that the PMA is ‘clearing containers’ when it has cut more than 70 percent of the workers during the day and over 80 percent at night is a fantasy,” said Adan Ortega, a spokesman for ILWU Local 13 in Southern California.

The PMA and ILWU have been engaged in a game of brinksmanship for several weeks now as contract negotiations continue to drag on despite the involvement of a federal mediator.

Employers suspe…