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Australian mangoes could hit US shelves within two weeks

Australian mango exports are set to start heading by air to the US next week, from as early as January 30, in the next step of the Australian Mango Industry Association’s (AMIA) joint effort with Horticulture Innovation Australia to double mango exports within three years. 

The news of the first shipments leaving Australia came off the back of an announcement by the Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, that exports of mangoes and lychees will be allowed into the US on January 4.

Trevor Dunmall, Industry Development Manager for the AMIA with Barnaby Joyce, Minister for Agriculture

The plan is to target the premium end of the market initially in the US, where the expected price of $5-$10 per mango won’t be a stretch.

 It is expected that all varieties of Australian mangoes will be exported, and the first year will be a series of later harvest trial shipments to ‘learn the market’

“We’re not starting to dramatically move volumes of fruit into the US in the next two years. It’s very much…

Mango supplies could be tight until March

01/21/2015 10:43:00 AM
Andy Nelson

Courtesy Central American Produce

Mango volumes could be tight until March, when Mexico and Guatemala start shipping in volume.

Peruvian volumes were increasing in the second half of January, but not likely enough to have a significant effect on prices, said Sabine Henry, saleswoman for Pompano Beach, Fla.-based Central American Produce.

“There were big shortages the last three weeks,” Henry said Jan. 19.

“Things are improving, but it’s still short compared to previous years. We’re enjoying the high prices, but wish we had more volume.”

Peru will soon be the only game in town, Greg Golden, partner and sales manager for Amazon Produce Network, Mullica Hill, N.J., said Jan. 19.

“There’s Ecuadorian fruit on the water, but the packing-houses have shut down.”

Amazon Produce has known all along there would be significantly less fruit from Peru this season, Golden said. What’s been frustrating is not knowing exactly when those shipments will arrive and in what volum…