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Peru 2015 : Mango exports could fall by 50%

Last year, Peru exported about 6,000 containers of fresh mango to international markets. Expectations for this year were that there would be a 30% fall in exports as a result of El Niño and other climatic factors affecting the normal flowering of the mango.

"Total exports until Week 2 of 2015 were 65% lower than the same date of the previous year. We expect the campaign to peak from week 2 to week 5 and when the statistics are published we hope the number will improve, but we won't reach the 4,000 containers, " 
said Javier Delgado, director of the Dominus Company.

Dominus is one of the three largest maritime exporters of mango in Peru. In the previous season the company shipped about 530 containers of mango and, despite the large drop in volume nationwide, the company expects to export only 10% less than last year.

Dominus' Central packaging facilities, Piura

This large drop in the Peruvian offer has taken many people in the sector by surprise and estimates are that only…

Costa Rican officials: We still have little information about Nicaragua’s Grand Canal plans



A young boy plays near two fishing boats along the shore of Lake Cocibolca in Rivas, Nicaragua, on Dec. 11, 2014.

Inti Ocón/AFP

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Since the idea to build a massive interoceanic canal in Nicaragua first gained traction a few years ago, Costa Rica has expressed its concern over potential environmental damage the canal could cause in both countries.

Costa Rica has been seeking information – including specific environmental assessment details and routes – from its northern neighbor for four years. But even today, as the $50 billion project moves forward, Costa Rican officials say they have received little information to assuage concerns.

Costa Rican officials say that letters they have sent to their Nicaraguan counterparts requesting information have largely been unanswered. The few replies Costa Rica has received have failed to shed new light on the bold and largely secretive initiative.