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Published on Dec 18, 2014

This is the most memorable and emotional pitch in Shark Tank history and one of the best pitches ever. 

Tree-T-Pee (TreeTeePee), from Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 7, the device for watering trees more efficiently for agribusinesses, made most of the Sharks cry and so do the audience. It shows that doing business and doing good for society can come together. Tree-T-Pee is the smart choice. It's a water containment system that saves water, protects trees from frost and grows stronger trees.

Tree-T-Pee was on Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 7 (November 2013.) The Sharks were Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner and John Paul DeJoria. It made a deal with John Paul DeJoria, who just came to Shark Tank as a guest Shark.

Tree-T-Pee is made in the USA and 100% recycled plastic. It has been operated and developed by Johnny Georges, who wholeheartedly aims to help farmers. 

Tree-T-Pee system was formerly invented by Johny's father, Rick Georges, who…

Presidente Pastrana: Haremos lo imposible por sacar a Leopoldo de la cárcel

@DolarToday / Jan 25, 2015 @ 11:00 am Los expresidentes latinoamericanos Sebastián Piñera (Chile), Felipe Calderón (México) y Andrés Pastrana (Colombia) visitarán este domingo 25 de enero, a las 10 de la mañana, al líder opositor Leopoldo López y al alcalde depuesto de San Cristóbal, Daniel Ceballos, en la cárcel militar de Ramo Verde, según lo han confirmado en declaraciones a medios de sus países y en sus cuentas en Twitter. Pastrana, quien arribó a Caracas este sábado, declaró al canal internacional NTN24 “el domingo estaremos en Ramo Verde visitando a Leopoldo López, junto al expresidente Sebastián Piñera y al expresidente Felipe Calderón, si este último logra subsanar unos problemas de agenda (…) queremos conocer de primera mano qué está sucediendo en este momento en Venezuela (…) nosotros esperamos que podamos verlo, no veriamos el porqué no podríamos ir a donde Leopoldo. Es muy importante que en el mundo se sepa que 3 expresidentes latinoamericanos, su propia familia, podamos vis…


US: Peruvian mango imports pick up, prices strong

Although still behind the pace set last year, imports of mangos from Peru increased during the first part of January. 

For the week ending January 17, 2015, about 1.3 million boxes of mangos had been shipped from Peru. That's slightly above the 1.2 million boxes shipped during the same week in 2014.

 Despite that bump in shipments, the almost 3.0 million boxes of mangos shipped by January 17, 2015 still trail the 5.4 million boxes that were shipped last season by January 17, 2014.

Average prices at South Florida and Southern California entry ports this month have been significantly higher than prices from January of last year. 

While for the week of January 17, 2015, the average price per box of Kent mangos was $9.69 and $10.50 at the South Florida and Southern California ports of entry, respectively, those average prices were $5.86 and $5.02 for the same week in 2014. 

Similarly, for the week of January 17, 2015, the average price per b…