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André Boon, Scherpenhuizen: "Unique market situation for mangoes"

Supplies of Peruvian mangoes to Europe are significantly lower this year."When I was in Peru in November, producers were talking of a 30% lower harvest already. I was still a bit sceptical then, but figures show that so far, 40% fewer mangoes were shipped to Europe from Peru," says André Boon of the Scherpenhuizen company, Eindhoven, exclusive partner and distributor of the Frutas Organicos del Peru.

Temperature changes

"The harvest got started a lot later, and the big differences in day and night temperatures in December have caused many smaller mangoes to be lost. By now the shipments have normalized somewhat, but the season will be a lot shorter. There will be reasonable shipments for one or two weeks, after which numbers will go down again,"
the importer says.

"All in all a rather unique situation, because normally around this time the prices are going down due to massive supplies, but I don't expect that to happen now. At the moment, prices are at a dece…

EE.UU. es el principal destino para el mango peruano

2 de febrero de 2015

A la semana 4 de la temporada 2014-2015 de mango peruano, EE.UU. ha sido el principal destino de las exportaciones del fruto con el 40% de los envíos.

Campo de mangos en Piura, Perú

De acuerdo a información proporcionada por la Asociación de Productores y Exportadores de Mangode Perú (APEM), el mercado norteamericano es seguido por Holanda (30%), Inglaterra (9%), Canadá (6%), Alemania (4%) y Chile (3%).

A la fecha, el país acumula 1.850 contenedores enviados a los mercados de ultramar, poco más de la mitad de lo registrado a igual semana en la campaña 2013-2014 (3.181 contenedores).

Una encuesta realizada a las plantas de tratamiento hidrotérmico para EE.UU. reportada por la APEM indica que durante la semana 5 se procesarán 180 contenedores para ese destino, mientras que una cantidad menor -en un 10%- se procesará la semana 6, con claros indicios de declinar en las semanas siguientes.

La entidad detalló que el 70% de la fruta que ingresará en la semana 5 provendrá del D…



VIDEO: Mangoes and Zingo

BY: Paul Oliveri, VIDEO BY: Paul Oliveri

Date: 02.02.2015

Mareeba mango farmers John and Debbie Nucifora chat with Paul Oliveri about their 100 per cent frozen mango treat, the Zingo and how they are looking to increase its market.

Monsoon season … Goin’ troppo or just plain ‘Mango Madness’ is that time of year in far north Queensland when the heat and humidity tag team to deliver the average punter a three-month-long body blow.

At the height of this season most sensible people head for air-conditioned cabs and search out the nearest cold drink or ice-cream to devour.

While nothing can be done about the weather Mareeba mango producers John and Debbie Nucifora have come up with a solution to the problem of what to eat when the mercury and humidity perform their double act.

This husband and wife team have come up with the Zingo; a frozen, 100 per cent pure mango fruit treat.

“The Zingo looks like an icecream or an ice block bu…

Sysco says would divest 11 U.S. Foods centers to win deal approval

Mon Feb 2, 2015 7:36am EST

A US. Foods truck is shown on delivery in San Diego, California October 23, 2013.



Deals of the day- Mergers and acquisitions

Exclusive: Sysco, US Foods offer to divest 11 facilities to win FTC deal approval

UPDATE 1-Market Chatter-Corporate finance press digest

(Reuters) - Food distributor Sysco Corp (SYY.N) said it would sell 11 distribution centers run by takeover target US Foods Inc [USFOO.UL] to Performance Food Group to satisfy antitrust concerns.

The centers generated $4.6 billion in revenue in US Foods' most recent fiscal year, Sysco said on Monday.

Sysco announced its agreement to buy US Foods for $3.5 billion in December 2013.

(Reporting by Sruthi Ramakrishnan in Bengaluru; Editing by Don Sebastian)

(Reuters) - Food distributor Sysco Corp (SYY.N) and its biggest rival, US Foods Inc USFOO.UL, have off…