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This China-Myanmar oil pipeline will change the global oil market



We saw one of the most significant shifts in a long while for energy markets last week with a key pipeline opening that will radically change global flows of crude oil.

The project in question is the China-Myanmar oil pipeline which Chinese state media said on Thursday has now opened for test runs.

The pipeline is one of the most ambitious constructions the global energy sector has seen. Running 771 kilometres from Myanmar’s western coastal port of Kyaukphyu, across the entire length of that country, and into the Chinese city of Kunming. The diagram below from Stratfor shows the route.

The line has been an ongoing project for years now. With construction having begun in 2010, and been completed in May 2014. A twin natural gas pipeline that’s also part of the development was put into operation last year.

The size of the pipeline is notable. But its location is even more significant when it comes to the worldwide movement of oil. The pipe provides …

Shipping Container Deal Will Produce One of the World's Biggest Box Lease Groups

02 February 2015

Amalgamation of Two Companies Leaves 2,179 Million TEU under Single Management 

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CHINA – WORLDWIDE – Steady as she goes is the message given out to customers after the news Bohai Leasing has purchased Cronos Limited, the Bermuda based shipping container leasing group which it intends to eventually integrate into the Chinese company’s own box lease division Seaco. Despite the deal Cronos says all management currently in place will remain for the foreseeable future.

Both parties believe it will take time to optimise the strengths and synergies of the two organisations. To this end, there will be no immediate changes that would affect the external relationships presently maintained by Seaco and Cronos and envisage that the integration process will need to be carefully considered before instituting any changes.

The deal will mean that the combined group will own and manage 2,179 million TEU making it one of the world’s largest container fleets. Bohai says the compa…

Algunas verdades sobre el cambio climático

Posted: 04 Feb 2015 03:11 PM PST

Por Carlos Vilchez Navamuel

Desde mediados de siglo pasado se promovió la idea de que el hombre era el responsable del cambio climático, en consecuencia se adoptaron ideas y programas para contra restar sus posibles efectos, conforme el tiempo pasa, más dudamos de esa teoría, de la misma forma parece errónea la idea de que la temperatura subirá entre 3 y 5 grados centígrados para finales de este siglo, sin embargo ambas teorías en estos momentos están siendo cuestionadas seriamente, por eso es bueno señalar algunas verdades sobre el cambio climático.

El sitio de Internet nos dice entre otras cosa que:

 1) Las emisiones de Co2 causadas por los humanos representan solamente el 5% frente al resto, entendiendo el resto como los volcanes, la descomposición de cadáveres de animales y por las plantas. Los volcanes producen más Co2 que todas las actividades humanas juntas.

 2) El pico de calentamiento del siglo pasado ocurrió antes de 1940, mientras…