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Thanks to 'Swiss Leaks' we know how much money rich people are hiding from the world

Timothy McGrath and Simran Khosla 
February 19, 2015 11:34

Analysis: Heard about income inequality lately? Here's one way the rich keep getting richer.

HSBC private bank in Geneva, Switzerland. (Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images)

Everybody knows what a “Swiss bank account” is. Hollywood tells us they’re top-secret safety deposit boxes for the world’s elite — places where drug kingpins and bankers and politicians and heirs hide their fortunes from government investigations and taxation. They’re how the super rich do banking.

Now, thanks to one whistleblower and a team of 140 journalists from around the world, we know a lot more about these accounts and the people who hold them.

We know more about how Swiss banking has helped the richest people in the world to accumulate and protect their every growing share of the world's total wealth. We know how banks have helped drug traffickers, arms dealers, and terrorists to launder money and create financial infrastructures that have ma…

HBR : Where the Digital Economy Is Moving the Fastest

Bhaskar Chakravorti
Christopher Tunnard

Ravi Shankar Chaturvedi

FEBRUARY 19, 2015

The transition to a global digital economy in 2014 was sporadic – brisk in some countries, choppy in others. 

By year’s end, the seven biggest emerging markets were larger than the G7, in purchasing power parity terms. Plus, consumers in the Asia-Pacific region were expected to spend more online last year than consumers in North America. The opportunities to serve the e-consumer were growing – if you knew where to look.

These changing rhythms in digital commerce are more than a China, or even an Asia, story. Far from Silicon Valley, Shanghai, or Singapore, a German company, Rocket Internet, has been busy launching e-commerce start-ups across a wide range of emerging and frontier markets. 

Their stated mission: To become the world’s largest internet platform outside the U.S. and China. Many such “Rocket” companies are poised to become the Alibabas and Amazons for the rest of the world: Jumia, which operates in n…

Industrial Expansion Will Strain Mexico's Water Resources


FEBRUARY 16, 2015 | 10:12 GMT 

Editor's Note: This is the eighth installment of an occasional series on water scarcity issues around the world that Stratfor will be building upon periodically.

Much like its northern neighbor, Mexico is not water scarce when viewed as a whole. But unequal water distribution has led to significant water stress in several parts of the country. 

Supply has been further strained by poor infrastructure, pollution and overuse — partly attributable to inefficient management and a growing population. 
Still, Mexico is positioned to experience significant economic growth because of its proximity to the United States and the likely expansion of its manufacturing sector as the country's population increases.

Recent changes to the constitution to encourage much-needed investment in the country's energy sector will further aid the faltering sector. Asymmetrical distribution and increased competition for limited water resources, however, could temper …