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AUSTRALIA : Best opening prices ever for mango producer in Tweed Valley

ABC Rural By Kim Honan

Posted about 8 hours ago

PHOTO: Steve and Terri Baker in the packing shed of their farm at Yelgun in the Tweed Valley. (Kim Honan)
MAP: Yelgun 2483

A mango producer in the Tweed Valley in northern New South Wales is pleased with the start of this year's harvest.

Steve Baker said prices for their fruit have never started this high.

"As the season progresses the price usually comes up, but this year's probably the highest we've started at," he said.

PHOTO: Honey Gold mangoes hang from trees on Steve and Terri Baker's property at Yelgun in the Tweed Valley.(Kim Honan)

"There's a lack of good quality out there and the season is winding up everywhere else, so they're about $30 to $40 at the moment."

He and wife Terri started picking fruit three weeks ago on their property at Yelgun and are on track to again produce 4,000 trays of mangoes this year.

Mr Baker said the season is looking good despite some damage to the fruit.

"More d…