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MEXICO 2015 : Ataulfos gain favor among importers

By Andy Nelson

March 09, 2015 | 3:18 pm EDT

Ataulfos continue to make gains among U.S. importers of Mexican mangoes.

As the Mexican mango season got underway, shippers were sending mostly yellow-skinned ataulfos, said Manuel Michel, executive director of the Orlando, Fla.-based National Mango Board.

That promised to change quickly.

“We will also start receiving haden and tommy atkins shortly,”
Michel said Feb. 26.

Chris Ciruli, a partner in Nogales, Ariz.-based Ciruli Bros. LLC, said his company will begin sourcing round mangoes about the third week of the month.

The Peruvian round deals as of late February had suffered from the port strikes on the West Coast, with quality issues a product of long transit times in some cases, Ciruli said.

“It’s been a little difficult with the strikes and the boats stuck out there. There’s been a wide variety of product.”

That has intensified demand for early-season Mexican product, Ciruli said.

For the southern growing region, which should ship into early May…