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Mexico: U.S. cold drops mango demand


According to Xavier Chavez Contreras, representative of the Mango Product System at the national and state level, the cold weather in the U.S. has been a determining factor for the lack of demand for mangoes and for the price of a nine-pound box to fall to $2.25; a price so low that mango exports to the U.S. were stopped since last week.

Chavez Contreras said in an interview that more than half of the U.S. territory, where they export 83% of their mango production every year, are covered with ice, which reduces mango consumption among the population. As a result, the markets' warehouses are filled with fruit.

He also said that the packers would meet to discuss the situation and see if "they want to keep exporting at low prices, which would reduce the incomes for the packers and producers, as their products would be bought at a much cheaper price." 

Chavez Contreras said that the current production volume amounted to nearly 80 tons per day and that it was being se…

MEXICO MANGO MAFIA : Nogales CBP Officers Seize $6.2M in Marijuana

Release Date:
March 12, 2015

TUCSON, Ariz. - U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Nogales Commercial Facility seized nearly $6.2 million in marijuana – 12,397 pounds – from a Mexican national Wednesday when he attempted to enter the United States through the Port of Nogales.

 The seizure is verified as being the third largest marijuana seizure in Arizona port history. 

The two largest seizures at an Arizona port took place in January (14,121 lbs.) and November of 2013 (20,375 lbs.). 

CBP officers at the Mariposa crossing seized more than 12,000 pounds of marijuana from a tractor trailer.

Officers discovered the co-mingled load inside of a tractor trailer driven by Silvestre Tomas Camez-Mendoza, 39, of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, following an alert by a CBP narcotics detection canine. The load of varied pump components contained 534 bales of marijuana inside of cardboard boxes.

The seizure represents the second co-mingled marijuana seizure in the past two days at the Mariposa Comm…

HOPE FOR THE FUTURE ???: Egypt is building a new capital

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The capital will reportedly extend Cairo to the Suez Canal.

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Egypt is set to reveal plans for a new capital city just outside of central Cairo that will serve as the country’s administrative center.

The Capital Cairo project will be the most significant enterprise unveiled by the Egyptian government Friday at its high-profile economic conference in the resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh, Financial Times reported.

The new administrative capital will be roughly the size of Singapore, with more than seven million residents spread out over nearly 430 square miles, FT said. The ambitious project would effectively extend greater Cairo as far as the Red Sea port city of Suez, in a move aimed at reducing chronic congestion in the overcrowd…

Freshplaza celebrates 10th anniversary!

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More than 15 years ago, Pieter Boekhout had the original plan to collect news and trivia about fruit and vegetables, and to share this with the Dutch fresh produce sector daily. 

After a number of years, he noticed an international demand for this sort of news. 

In 2005, the international news website was launched, and it has grown significantly over the years. 

Characteristic of this newsletter is that it doesn’t just contain all sorts of facts and news about the goings on in the fresh produce sector, but also the most interesting innovations, remarkable photos and a dose of humour. 

The ‘funny’ at the bottom provides readers a well-deserved break during the hard working day. Readers appreciate this combination of serious reports, trivia and humour. 

In the fresh produce sector, its ‘see and be seen’, so most people enjoy being in the spotlight once and a while. At trade shows, we are well-known for our photo r…