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CHEAP MANGOES : Some Mexican packers halt shipments to USA

Low prices for mangos have prompted some Mexican producers to halt their exports to the United States in hopes that less product will boost prices. But the temporary reprieve has not done much to move the market.

“There were some packing houses that shut down for a few days, but, from what I understand, they are back up and running,”
said Gary Clevenger of Freska Produce International.

 “They thought the price was too low, but I'm not sure that they had an effect on the market.”

He explained that there has been a wide range in mango prices, as importers are sourcing fruit from several locations.

 Peru has also had some quality issues, so the market has also reflected the wide range in quality available.

Mexican growers have cited sluggish demand in the United States, partly caused by inclement cold weather that has kept some consumers away from stores, as a reason for the halt in exports. 

Mexican producers are now trying to decide if it's worth selling at current low prices or whet…