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2015 Winter Mango Deal : Pacific may be primed for powerful El Nino

Capital Weather Gang

By Jason Samenow April 15

Visualization of the moderate-to-strong El Nino from February 2010 (NOAA)

El Nino is officially here and forecasters say it could grow substantially stronger in the coming months.

El Nino refers to the episodic warming of ocean temperatures in central and eastern tropical Pacific, which has ripple effects in weather systems around the globe. For example, its presence tends to decrease Atlantic hurricane activity, but increase fall and winter rains in California.

Forecasting the present El Nino has proven to be a humbling experience.

 Last spring, the National Weather Service assigned favorable odds for its arrival by the fall, which never happened.

 A lack of sustained westerly winds, required to transport warm water from western to eastern tropical Pacific, was one reason.

But now that El Nino conditions are firmly established, forecasters are somewhat more confident the stage is set for intensification.

Phil Klotzbach, a climate researcher at Co…