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MANGO MILLIONAIRES : The success of family companies turns much of modern business teaching on its head

Management theory

Survival of the fittest

Apr 18th 2015 | From the print edition

THE MODERN THEORY of the firm is the theory of the public company: obsessed with questions such as transaction costs but blind to questions of transmitting wealth to future generations. 

In numerical terms, this emphasis on the public company is clearly a mistake. Its triumph is limited to the Anglo-Saxon world. 

The economies of most of the rest of the world—developed as well as emerging—continue to be dominated by family-focused businesses that control a wide range of companies, not just individual firms.

It is also out of date. Talk of the triumph of the Anglo-American public company might have made sense in the post-war era when the British empire still had a glow and the American Century was in full swing (though family companies continued to flourish in both countries). It makes far less sense in an increasingly integrated Europe and in rapidly emerging markets. The world’s fastest-growing region, Asia, i…

EU: First mangoes flown in from Ivory Coast land on empty market

Christiaan van Ravenswaaij: "First boat left with few mangoes on board"

At Van Ravenswaaij in Veenendaal the first mangoes have been flown in from the Ivory Coast.

"We traditionally receive the first flown in mangoes around this time and from now on we will get regular deliveries in. Right now the weather is perfect for the mangoes but rain can change that," says Christiaan van Ravenswaaij.

"Last week the first boat departed with very little mangoes on board due to the strict regulations there. The work is done at night on assembly lines and less mangoes are able to be packed. The stringent phytosanitary regulations also contribute to the low volumes. A normal volume is expected with the second boat,"
says Christiaan.

Usually the season only lasts four to five weeks, which means that the upcoming month will be very busy. 

Right now the mango market is quite empty. 

"Peru's season is coming to a close and only small volumes come from Mexico. At the mom…