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Mango Crop Report Alert from the National Mango Board

The Mango Crop Report from the National Mango Board has been updated. Click here to see the newest Mango Crop Report. Please note - after you click on the link, you may need to refresh the page to see the most current report.   
Mango Market News

Mango volume shipped on week ending 4/18/15 was approximately 4,577,795 boxes.  Compared to the same week last year, volume shipped was approximately 3,270,726 boxes.Detailed variety information has been added to the NMB Crop Report.Click here to get the report. Mexico Mango Crop Information The Mexican season began at the end of January and will run until September with a projection of approximately 40 million boxes until6/20/15.Oaxaca, Chiapas, Michoacán, Nayarit, Sinaloa and Guerrero main varieties until 6/20/15 are Ataulfo (40%),Tommy Atkins (43%), Haden (12%), Kent (4%), Keitt (.01%) and Other (.33%).EMEX projections for all packinghouses have been posted. North Sinaloa projections are not included. Volume shipped on week ending 4/18/15 Volume…

Mexican mangoes support category growth

By Melissa Shipman

April 24, 2015 | 1:41 pm EDT

The Mexican deal is breathing new life into the growing mango category, according to Jose Rossignoli, category general manager at Robinson Fresh Worldwide Inc., Eden Prairie, Min.

“The Peruvian season was challenged by lower yields, a decreased export volume out of Peru, declined demand in the Northeast part of the U.S. due to the cold weather front, as well as slowdowns at the West Coast ports disrupting the flow of supply,” Rossignoli said.

“All of these culminated in a difficult three weeks of the Peruvian season. However, the movement into Mexico is showing signs of a healthy start,”he said.

Shippers are excited for the potential growth in the mango category this year as demand continues to increase.

“I think mangoes will be the number one fruit this year in terms of added sales because of the increase in availability,”said Robert Schueller, public relations director for Los Angeles-based World Variety Produce, which markets the Melissa’s …

Woman hits Venezuelan president with mango, gets apartment

By Rafael Romo CNN

Woman intends to throw note, chucks fruit instead

UPDATED 3:06 PM CDT Apr 24, 2015

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

(CNN) —How would you get your nation's president to hear you out? Put your name and number on a mango and hit him in the head with it?

No? Then you're not Marleni Olivo, who did exactly that, and in return is getting the new apartment she was asking for, said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Olivo, 54, saw her opportunity when Maduro visited Anzoategui, the state where she lives.

Maduro, a former bus driver, drove a bus to a rally Wednesday where he was meeting with supporters. The president had the window open, the better to greet people attending the rally.

Olivo had written a message on a mango --"If you can, call me," -- along with her name and phone number. She got as close as she could and, as the bus passed, she tossed the fruit at Maduro.

In a video that has gone viral in Venezuela, Maduro is shown lowering his head when he is hit, just …

The man who wants to control the weather with lasers

By Jacopo Prisco, for CNN

Updated 7:17 AM ET, Fri April 24, 2015

Making clouds in a lab 03:51

Story highlights

Swiss Professor Jean-Pierre Wolf is pioneering the use of lasers to affect the weather
He suggests lasers could also be used to limit the impact of climate change


Is there anything laser can't do?

From cutting diamonds to preserving endangered sites, all the way to building terrifying weapons and turning your eyes from brown to blue, there is apparently no end to the list of applications for laser.

Swiss physicist Jean-Pierre Wolf is working on yet another impressive addition to that list: using focused laser beams to affect the weather.

It sounds like black magic, but it's actually a cleaner version of cloud seeding, a form of weather modification that has been used for several years -- most famously by China in preparation for the 2008 Olympics, when they launched rockets to seed the clouds and prevent rainfall during the opening ceremony.

But it's hard to tell how e…