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The Clinton Global 'Graft' Initiative (Summarized In 1 Chart)

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/26/2015 17:45 -0400

Barack Obama

Via Doug Ross at DirectorBlue blog,

In 2010, when Barack Obama said, "I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money," he definitely wasn't referring to the Clintons.

Because it wasn't enough for Bill Clinton to sell sensitive missile technology to the Red Chinese for campaign donations. It wasn't enough for Hillary Clinton to sell America's most valuable nuclear technologies to the Russians for "contributions" to her family's personal piggy bank.

That piggy bank, otherwise known as "The Clinton Global Graft Initiative", had an interesting way of doling out the "contributions" it received.

The Clintons are a malignant tumor on the body politic. They have a history of doing anything for money -- including selling out their own country -- and when it comes to their personal bank accounts, there's apparently never enough zeroes.…

3 Cooking Rules for Maintaining Nutritional Value in Vegetables

By Heidi Kristoffer

Posted Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 11:28am EDT

Keywords: cooking healthy, food and nutrition, healthy cooking methods, vegetables cooking methods

You may be eating plenty of vegetables throughout your day, but if you are cooking them, you may be destroying their vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, the cooking process can break down, destroy, or leech out the nutrients in your vegetables.

The good news is that there are methods that help maintain the nutritional value in your veggies. 

All of those methods follow three cooking rules:

Rule #1 – Cook with less water.

Rule #2 – Cook at low temperatures.

Rule #3 – Cook quickly.

Rule #1 – Cook With Less Water

Vitamins B and C are water soluble nutrients and are the most susceptible to being leeched from vegetables when they sweat or are boiled in water. Typically, that water is then washed down the drain. So, not only are you losing the vitamins in your vegetables, you’re then throwing those vitamins away.

Rule #2 – Cook At Low T…

TEXAS IMPORTERS : Mango industry offers advice on food safety

MGN Online

Posted: Saturday, April 25, 2015 8:13 pm


About 90 percent all of the mangoes consumed in the United States are imported.

And as they move through the supply chain, food safety requires vigilance to avoid contamination that can make customers sick, said organizers of the National Mango Board during its annual industry meeting last week.

“You can have a state of the art warehouse and still have this,” Sergio Nieto-Montenegro, a food safety consultant, said Thursday, pointing to a photo of an air conditioning unit leaking unto the floor of a cold storage warehouse.

About a dozen local business owners leaned in during the presentation looking to keep their operations up to date during quality inspections.

During the course of one shift, workers can accidently put a pallet of fruit under the unit, even temporarily during packing or re-packing, exposing it to possible bacteria like listeria monocytogenes.

Consuming that bacterium can cause listeriosis, …

MEXICO Cartels control ports: ex-Customs officer

And many confiscated goods are returned or refunded to their owner

Mexico News Daily | Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mexican Customs agents have made more than 20,000 seizures of drugs and weapons at the five busiest ports of entry during the last decade, but 70% of the merchandise seized at coastal ports ended up being refunded. And a former agent claims all entry ports are under the control of cartels.

Customs offices at theMexico City International Airport (AICM), the ports at Lázaro Cárdenas and Manzanillo and the U.S. border crossings at Ciudad Juárez and Nuevo Laredo are the five highest-traffic ports of entry out of all 49 in Mexico.

Despite a big investment in the professionalization of those offices, seizures of contraband dropped by only 116 at those locations, according to data from the Federal Tax Administration (SAT).

While federal authorities assure that nothing illegal enters those ports anymore, a former Customs officer describes agents as“employees of organized crime.”

Alleging …